Paralytic edema

Hello. I'm not 20 years long as I can remember, I always became cyanotic-crimson in the cold of the brush (from the outside, and from the inside they were a fine crimson-white speckle), then, if they were not warmed, were covered with spots that looked like an orange text separator (only from the outside ). when warming a little blush and become a normal color. the fingers of the white never turned in the cold. two years in a row, when there were severe frosts, swollen the little finger on my right hand, by spring I passed. Since recently, in summer, if my hands are lowered, are poured with blood, swell, become red and the veins swell. if the hand is raised, then this is not observed. I would like to know what it can be, and to which doctor it is better to apply? Or immediately to several doctors?

Redness of the skin of the hands is not good enoughtheir blood supply, which especially suffers in frosty weather. The fact is that the spasm of blood vessels in response to the effects of cold or stress - and this causes whitening, reddening or blueing of the fingers, sometimes the tip of the nose, ears - is one of the characteristic and early signs of a serious disease - systemic scleroderma. If the hands swell only in the heat, then the cause can be a vascular-lymphatic nature. The edema can be caused by nervous system disorders. They are called "paralytic edema" and develop after paralysis from various lesions of the spinal cord or brain. Local puffiness of the fingers can be a manifestation of venous insufficiency or lymphatic outflow disturbances. To mandatory diagnostic studies include chest X-ray, electrocardiography (ECG) and echocardiography. clinical analysis of blood, rheumatoid factor, C-reactive protein, cholesterol. Confirm the diagnosis and establish the localization of obstruction or failure of venous blood flow allows Doppler ultrasound examination of veins and impedance plethysmography, and in disputable cases - phlebography. Consultation of a phlebologist or vascular surgeon, consultation of a rheumatologist.

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