Edema raw diet

The official start of my raw food diet is 9May this year. On this day we went to ride on the bikes for the whole day and took with them only fruits and a few more whole grains of bread. However, for some reason I decided to try to hold out on some fruits. And then within two days came a clear decision to switch to raw diet.

Now more than a month has passed and I want to sum up some results.

So, during this time there have been many changes. For a very long time, almost a month, I went through the lapping to a new kind of nutrition - I picked up for myself what and how to eat, so that it would be optimal for my body. There were changes in my state of health.

Today noticed that almost ceased to popjoints. This problem began with me a year and a half ago, along with her then the hair began to pour and the spine fell immediately in the neck and in the lower back. These problems remained with me at the beginning of raw food, as unfortunately a little that helped me out of the numerous receivers, poultices and trips to the manuals. On raw food for 2-3 weeks in terms of clicks there were some terrible - all of a sudden it crackled that there was urine, worse than it was before. But today I suddenly remembered this problem and realized - now it has disappeared somewhere. Small periodic clicks remained, but such a cod during joint exercises or during other exercises, as was 2 weeks ago - no longer exists.

Also on the 3rd week weight was built. It was built and rolled - by now 6 kg have been dropped - suddenly all the trousers became big, even those that were very stinging. Last week I went to the city, where I measured old jeans of which "grew" in width - now they are crawling. This is one of the pleasant moments of raw food, since I eat a lot now, completely without limiting myself in amounts of food (raw) and by the way, often I eat at night.

The first month was difficult and the plan of temptations, butalmost all of them gradually came to naught. the heaviest were the first two weeks, when the patterns in the head were constantly working - go to the local fast food "Robin Sdobin" and buy a puff and cappuccino there.

The first or second week was colorful in terms offailures, but after each breakdown I felt something is not right, and sometimes it was not very strong. Suddenly, when I cooked cat food, I wanted boiled capelin - I ate it, even without salt. I ate a lot of it (this despite the fact that I did not look at my non-vegetarian food, sometimes I used it) - and the next morning I had a nausea in training, so unpleasant and I was sick of bitter bile. After that, I already became more anxious about the "purity of the experiment."

A sharp turn in the struggle against temptations occurred withmy acquaintance with raw food recipes. The next stage in two weeks passed under the sign of raw food - raw borschik, raw mayonnaise of sunflower seeds, dressing of avocados lettuce, avocado with garlic on tomatoes, sweet pancakes from bananas with grated coconut, etc. All this turned out to be so tasty that I completely forgot about my passion for puff-tongued tongues. However, after these two weeks my passion for cooking disappeared, since I noticed that digestion with such infernal confusions, even raw food, suffers. Okay gases, but in the toilet at times it was difficult to walk (dysbiosis - the problem of my last 3 years). Several times I ate salted salmon - I allowed myself such pampering. On salty fish, like nothing much happened, well, I ate it - the third part of 100-gram slicing once a week.

Separately, I'll tell you about smoothies. After taking raw food, I vowed not to interfere with any mess, but after trying once smoothie I "sat down" on it. We whipped bananas with strawberries, bananas and oranges and offigued, well, why we did not know such deliciousness before! And whipping in a whisk for a cocktail is very different from whipping in a conventional blender-grinder. It turns out a real cocktail with bubbles, oh god, what a fabulous taste. But alas, his digestion also deteriorated. And I decided that pretty - little by little. Let's break up on holiday

In general, a week ago I announced a battle of dishwashing,as a harmful derivative of raw food. As a maximum - a salad of cucumbers and tomatoes with butter, but without salt. Immediately flew a couple of kilograms a week and improved the intestines.

About salt. I began to eat very little salt. I still can not completely refuse, sometimes I add it to the salad. Salad I eat a maximum of 1 time per day. The rest is fruit - and in mono meals. The minimum time interval is half an hour, but I try to stand the hour. Judging by digestion - it is optimal for me at the moment.

During the trip to the Empty Hills, I read a lotbooks on raw food and so on. What I read - excerpts of Izyum (the legendary character, everyone admires him and has something to admire) http://syromonoed.com/, V.Nikolaeva with his experiences of taking different meals and reactions of a clean body, Kurdyumov's articles on raw food and his various extracts from health nutrition-related techniques; texts copied from the site Live food http://livelymeal.ru/. Shatalova read it before. Everything is very inspiring. I did not have a drop of doubt, especially since the body is - the first confirms the correctness of the chosen direction. As always in such cases, I want to raise my hands to the sky and ask - "why did not we live like that right away." But apparently all in good time.

In general, starting to cheese and I'm 20% lesssuspected the situation with digestion and generally with all these notorious things with the assimilation of food. Now I feel myself savvy in the theoretical sense, and inspired by the experience of other people. Now I not only want to get rid of vegetative disorders, but also to become truly healthy, and not just like everyone. That is, to become such a conic that skips chewing grass and everything to him at all. Particularly impressed that the wounds on raw food heals in 3 days without any ointments, that they do not take any heat or cold, that they run 50 km on a diet of 400 kcal. And even about the fact that hair begins to grow fluffy and eyelashes elongate and the skin grows younger - I generally keep quiet. By myself, I see that raw food is very beautiful, especially if there is excess weight.

Separately, I want to write that the problems of relatives withhealth even more affirm me in the chosen path. It is obvious to me that even averaged-right nutrition is wrong at the root. In the future, I see myself as a strict slime-maker, not otherwise. Just between salads with butter and just a few bananas I feel the difference. Perhaps, even I will be fruit fruit - the body feels that fruit is the most proper food. In addition, fruits have fewer nitrates than vegetables. And if you also live where they grow in abundance and are very cheap ... what else should you think about separately.

The most popular in my menu are bananas. The optimal product, soft, without nitrates, protects the peel from dirt, is cheaper than other fruits. Next, I almost like the same - oranges, apples (peel clean. T to wax), pears, kiwi. kiwi ate the first weeks 3 before obzhyralovki, now somehow the passion subsided. I eat grated carrots, cabbage in salads, salad from cucumbers and tomatoes. In salads I put a lot of greens - almost on a beam at a time. Of the greens very much: leaf lettuce, dill, parsley, green onions (little by little because of the stomach). Yesterday I ate the beet tops - it's something! Oil is very fond of vegetable unrefined, olive - less, t to the taste so far is not very like. Of nuts - only hazelnuts in the shell, sometimes almonds, but hazelnuts somehow closer. Sometimes I indulge in raisins - very rarely, t to feel he is not alive. In general, all the dried fruits feel inanimate (and a couple of days ago I read that they are dried at t 200 s, very similar)

The whole month I drank green tea, most often oolong tea,those guanin. From him, my spasms ease in my head. But here couple of days already as has refused tea - somehow has passed or has taken place affection to it or him behind impossibility it or him to seize with something tasty or delicious

The second and third weeks of raw food were the mostdisturbing, sometimes tormented by hunger, sometimes nausea rolled up (hungry nausea, I've had this before), salads with butter were usually heartburn. But only salads and satiated then. From some fruits there were terrible bulbs in the intestines, but painless. In particular - from pears, now this is not. By the way, and heartburn is not present for a week. In general, I feel that after a month everything began to settle down gradually, both in the head and in the stomach.

Edible odors still make you stand outsaliva - we live with my parents and they often cook borscht and fry fish. But I already have an antidote against them - as soon as there is a desire for something not damp - I immediately eat something raw. As soon as we sing, the desire for boiled food or temptation passes. The kind of food is not very tempting, until the smells are the most tempting. at all does not pull on sweet - though I was a terrible sweet tooth and refusal of sweet seemed to me the most terrible torment. But in fact, sweetness gives all the fruit. so that the sweet do not want. It's harder with boiled food. Her husband was stewing vegetables in the steamer-a great temptation. even grabbed a piece at a time. rice with vegetables for him also caused a terrible longing for his homeland. But all this is in fact little things. You can always cook some delicious raw food, if you absolutely will pripret and obozhratsya it to snot - and after that there will be nothing bad or serious. Just go to the toilet with more. And most importantly - no sagging belly in the evening! Everything is slim and fit. Like this!

With sedentary work, I just need someExercise to improve metabolism and quickly get rid of toxins going into the blood. Although I always did it, the raw food diet prompted me to increase the number of trainings. enter extra running. Running for me was always terrible and I just hated it. I tried to run a kilometer, then after a week I even increased the distance to 1.5 km. fine! seychsas every morning I run so much - this is the norm. Then I practice pulling in a 45-degree visor and push-ups from a dug wheel. Three approaches 10 times each. The outlines of arms and shoulders have changed a lot in a month. And then - my complex of joint exercises. which I do every day since January. All together takes a little more than an hour. Then a walk through the forest (I'm in the woods, in the territory of the abandoned pioneer camp). With the heat added daily sailing in the river. On average, a day pass 500 meters. Everything in place acts very well both on the body and on the mood. I love the movement. but unfortunately in the heat to do worse. even in the morning. Optimal - that was not more than 15 degrees in the morning. because I have classes in the early morning - in the area of ​​7 I run out of the house. We are very dry here - pines and sand. because when it rains - it becomes easier to deal with immediately, even if it's warm. and yet - in the winter it is completely unreal. Although if I live in winter here, I will try. Maybe it will.

P S Here it is necessary to add, for the present memory is not100% of the total. I forgot to mention two important changes in my opinion. I had a problem with the swelling of my legs, as in the childhood I was operated on - the tendons were cut because of the clubfoot. After the operation at 1.5 years, I was 2 months in plaster and another half a year they put on me a "tutor" - such hard boots with laces, in which I even slept. After that, until the age of 7, I wore tough prosthetic shoes. Because of all this, I had atrophic calves from infancy and blood circulation in my legs, as well as lymph drainage. Thanks to this, all I have is high fatigue of the legs, as well as puffiness, which manifests itself when the temperature is below 30 and above.

Last summer when I was dying under my feetconstantly were swollen. very sick. About one and a half times thicker than necessary, by the morning puffiness decreased a little, but by the evening it became impossible to shoe something. Apparently because of that. that I practically do not use salt now at me while in this season have never swelled legs or foots. This is just a miracle for me, accustomed to the swelling of the summer.

And one more thing - female. I have already had two months on raw food, at first I thought it was just a coincidence ... But with the second cycle it was confirmed - the soreness on the first day decreased and they decreased by 1 day. This just can not be happy!

P S I completely forgot a few things, but alsopositive. First, they stopped sleeping in a dream (the last 4 months became dumb almost every night). And more - breathing became better in a dream (there was a vasomotor rhinitis, in a lying position it was always more difficult to breathe, especially in the morning). At the beginning of the class, running out of the nose was a runaway, I had to skate several times on the run, but now I do not.

About - and here Denis that kind became =)
very happy for you, Natasha =) already wantedgo back to the raw food diet =) I'm happy eating cereal and milk, except raw, tk. I am a breastfeeding mother and very worried that toxins do not get into milk (when raw food is used for beginners cleansing of toxins goes), about bananas - they are brought to the state of ripeness in a gas chamber so carefully, and in imported fruits there is also a lot of chemistry - for them it is the agrotechnical norm, therefore it is better to chase the league on its own - from a garden grown with love =)

Yes, it is clear that the beds it is something better, onlythe problem of shor beds, then there is practically no))) Parents do not grow much - the land is poor, sand, they do not want to fertilize. And we are lazy with something to grow with flowers, that's how we are underdeveloped ... True, we here at the local try to buy what's possible, that's already gone, now we take strawberries from grannies.

Denis something he is like about raw food and blogs - he's good-natured, clever, loves poems (c)

I here have read a lot of things, I understood that there isseveral stages of good nutrition, that porridge and milk - it is allowed by many, so eat and grow. I sometimes want Kaylashinsky yummies from a steamer or a cream cheese, too) Sometimes the peck - and I will satiate. It seems like the main taste to remember)

The parcel was taken away. there was joy! I told you in more detail in the comment in that blog - tomorrow there will be a photoset in earrings!

These are the results! Impressive!
So Kailash did not support you in raw food?
What would you advise a person who at ALL does not know anything about raw food, but is stunned by the results of others: where to start? What resource, books? The diaries?

Oh, I still forgot something on the little things, now I will add) at once everything can not be stated.

Kailash - he is morally unstable, but in general he aspires. "Catching up" with porridges from a double boiler. On the fest, the truth buns have cracked)

Shatalov GS can be honored. "The system of natural healing." She really has quite a few rhetoric. But examples of cures are impressive. And most importantly - her personal example, in 90 cheerful and cheerful. at 75 crossed the Karakum desert in 500 km on foot almost without water and food. It is by the way not for strict raw food, but with steamed cucumbers, cottage cheese and a smooth transition.

http://livelymeal.ru/ all on the topic - briefly, concisely and the answers to all questions are.

Here's a forum of raw cheese, there are a lot of topics and links, people's diaries http://newforum.syromonoed.com/

Even Zeeland has a book called "Live Kitchen", but I have not read it yet, Kailash read.

Thanks for the links. Only I something ... thought-thought, strict raw food to me while clearly not to become, I love the boiled water, I am a sinner, gluttonous And this is something middle - quite, quite ...

Well this is right! I'm generally for a smooth transition - the main thing to monitor your health, the body itself tells you what it's good for, from which it's bad. For a start, you can exclude everything from white flour, polished rice and all the chemistry. I think that losing weight will not take long. Last year I simply refused bread and sweet bread and switched to whole grains of crispy bread - I dropped 3 kg in 3 weeks. However, then again smoothly moved down to sweet) that was a year ago.

Another year ago, Paul Bregg was fond of -starving 1 day a week and eating according to his advice, also directly built up then. His food is still softer, but still 60 percent raw. Many people get well on it, I read the reports.

class. my legs also swelled and twisted them horribly, I thought it was forever. but no - there is no edema on raw food. But it's worth eating something shopy - pipets, swelling like barrels. Now we have a period of veganism with Dima, not every day cheese, so yesterday I ate tofu - my feet swelled and I still have a devil in my stomach. Opensource projects.

But in an ideal I want to still become a warrior(for if so it will continue to be - even the fruits will be harmful, already the bacteria are taken out specially, and the chemicals used in growing are used in rabid counts), I gradually go to this, as I imagine that I will eat meat or drink milk - already distorts. Although before this normally applied to this, apparently it is necessary to go through several stages. In the beginning, vegetarianism, then strict veganism, then raw diet according to recipes, then monosyrodezhdenie, then nutrition with juices, then a lot of cooking))) The reality forces you to eat less and less, and the joy to look not in a dish, but in other things))

All right you say, I feel that great accomplishments await us ahead
I sometimes have attacks of "wanting" of somethingnesygo, most often - I do not know what type of anything ... But the matter gets better usually some tasty raw dish. I do not get the mono-diet until half a day, I keep on fruit, and then, without fail, a salad, it seems that I will not be full of tomatoes or cucumbers, and in the evening, as a rule, zhor attacks - just a classic of the genre ... I feel good enough to starve although a day (to moderate appetites), but I can not make up my mind ...
When there are impressions of something, it's easier, you do not think about food almost, but in the usual domestic rhythm of home life, thoughts all the time revolve around eating ... what to do ...