I belong to a small species"Mother-nihilists." The child is studying, and all right. A gold medal is already in the house, it hangs in dusty places in a conspicuous place. Your brain in the heads of daughters still can not be invested, so you have to manage the factory bundle. At each meeting I come with the open mind of a newborn child: the regular questions of other responsible mothers, such as "how you solved No. 768 from page 878787 on the textbook of the Zaslanets-Martian" lead me into a stupor. However, I did not ignore the conflict with the teacher. But I was able to solve it with the least losses. How? I'll tell you about this in my entry.

We bought the apartment back in 2007, in 2008made major repairs and safely celebrated housewarming. But we did not finish the two six-meter loggias, we did not have enough money. And somehow our friend uttered this phrase: "You will not do it right away - you will never do it!" Therefore, small flaws in the apartment, I tried to finish while fresh, but the loggias and stood until this autumn, sad and shabby, such as we got from previous owners.

My mom likes to watch something orto find useful different advice. And so she shared with me another advice how to put things in order in a box in the kitchen with shopping bags. I want to share my MK. I hope someone will come in handy. And why inspired Flayledi's posts, well, because I like to read these posts, watch the results. Only 20 minutes and already our house is cleaner and tidy.

Six months ago, few knew about the existencesuch sites, but now almost everyone knows that a profitable purchase can be made through the Internet, with a minimum of effort, and ultimately rejoice at a good result and cheap prices. My husband and I settled there last November. Since my husband works in the field of computer equipment and equipment, they began with this.