Mexidol edema

Meksidol is very effectivea remedy for strokes, as well as violations of the brain. It is successfully used both in surgery and in psychiatry. This medicine is produced in ampoules or tablets.

In the event that the tissues are not sufficiently suppliedoxygen or disrupted its assimilation, this tool is very effective, since this drug is characterized by biological activity. Here is what the Mexidol medication says about the medication: injections help to develop the body's resistance to cerebral circulation disorders, and also to shock. In addition, due to its use in treatment, the patient improves memory, alcohol toxins are eliminated.

This drug is prescribed for problems in the brainblood circulation, disorders of the vascular tone and functions of the nervous system. In addition, the medicine "Mexidol" (injections) is successfully used for atherosclerotic disorders of the brain and for withdrawal of the withdrawal syndrome. It is very important that with the help of this tool you can remove cravings for alcohol - a person simply has lost the desire to drink.

With many diseases, the drug "Mexidol" is effective. The injections are administered to patients either intravenously or intramuscularly.

In order to remove the withdrawal syndrome and prevent a sharp increase in adrenaline in the blood, this medicine is injected within five to seven minutes.

In the case of cerebral circulation,the formulation is injected at a rate of 6 drops per minute. A solution for intravenous injections is water, which is necessarily sterile. The doctor selects the dosage individually for each patient. The initial dose is usually one hundred milligrams three times a day. But gradually it increases. The length of the treatment and the dosage of the drug depend on how severe the disease is. The maximum daily dose should not exceed eight hundred milligrams.

In case of a stroke, the drug "Mexidol" is used. Intramuscular injections are done only at the onset of the disease three to four days after its onset: first intravenously drip, while a dose of 200-300 milligrams is observed.

Those who have been diagnosed with "vegeto-vascular dystonia" or "discirculatory encephalopathy" should be pricked with intramuscular injections of fifty or one hundred milligrams three times a day.

Patients with abstinence syndrome the samethey prescribe the medicine "Mexidol", the injections are done in the gluteus muscles by 100-200 milligrams three times a day. Sometimes injections are given intravenously by drip twice a day.

Intramuscular injections are used to treat neurotic disorders. The dose ranges from fifty to four hundred milligrams per day.

Often, people in old age appearsuch a disease as atherosclerotic dementia. In this case, apply the drug "Mexidol", injections are done intramuscularly. The maximum dose of medicine per day is three hundred milligrams.

In case of poisoning with antipsychotics, this medicine is administered intravenously with a jet from 50 milligrams per day (up to 300 mg).

In most cases, this drug is well tolerated, but occasionally dry mouth and nausea may appear.

There are also contra-indications for usemeans "Mexidol". The injections (the instruction says) can not be prescribed to those patients who have problems with the liver and kidneys. It is also not recommended to use this medication if there is an allergy to vitamin B6. In addition, of the main contraindications should be allocated pregnancy and lactation. This remedy is not also assigned to children and adolescents.

Virtually all patients for whom treatmentused this drug, sleep normalized and passed an anxious state. In addition, a person's work capacity increases, irritability disappears. Many people say that the headaches ceased, and the psychological load became less felt.

Diagnosis of vegetative-vascular dystonia, suffer frequent headaches, which doctor can or should prescribe the drug "Mexidol" and in what form. Thank you.

I do not know how anyone, but it's very naughty injections,after an injection of 10 minutes while you go more and more or less, but then covers and pains such that the strongest person does not stand, I wanted to cry. I was prescribed neurologic injections, in the lumbar department, as she said, there is inflammation, a backache, for quite a long time about 4 months, she pressed a certain point and determined - inflammation, I made 3 injections, at the last I almost died (even after cesarean not such a pain as this! I no longer went to injections, I felt sorry for myself, especially since it's very funny, it suppresses cravings for alcohol! I'm not a drinking person at all, I drink half a glass of champagne for the new year, no more. I wanted to drink on Saturday, because I did not get a shot because I drank liter bottles of wine! and where is the suppression of all, he can and takes the alcohol toxins, but probably need to first that they appeared))) The question of course, is it possible to throw do not fraught with it? who knows, tell me, preferably of course the opinion of the doctor)

Mexidol, though in tablets my mother gavecousin. It was a very difficult case. You can equate it with "the roof of a man left" memory disappeared, the toilet could go to the apartment anywhere. In general, the person was not in adequate full! In a complex with Tseriton all has passed! My aunt has become an adequate person! And the result was quick.

The wording "with liver and kidney problems" is incomprehensible - contraindications, and what are the problems. Stones in the kidney and bilious are contraindication. Thank you in advance.

my name is Maia, I had terribledizziness and headaches from nervous tension probably, after Mexidol has become much better advised the daughter's teacher so she was very pleased with the pills so do not help as the injections if only do the injections and preferably in the fall and spring with exacerbation.

the article is very informative! I agree with all written, tk recently killed herself in the action of mexidol, half a year ago, a stroke struck my aunt, we were in shock and were afraid that she would not recover after this! We got a good doctor who wrote us a rehabilitation plan, prescribed a course of mexidol. Through the efforts of the whole family, we raised our aunt to our feet.

Mexidol is a good drug. In neurology Mexidol is used in the scheme of complex restorative treatment after a stroke. The drug significantly improves the results of rehabilitation of patients, contributing both to an increase in the degree of recovery of neurological functions, and to an increase in the level of household adaptation.

Wonderful preparation of a wide spectrum of action. I had to face Mexidol, after a loved one had a stroke. The speech, memory was broken. Mexidol was needed just in order for these functions to recover better. In my opinion it was a great help, the result is noticeable.

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