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Pregnancy in pregnancy - indications for use, use of the drug morning for pregnant women. Sterility in pregnancy is used as an analog of progesterone.

Utrozestan when planning pregnancy
Sterility in pregnancy is prescribed with a shortage of progesterone. Progesterone promotes the development of pregnancy and is normally produced in sufficient quantity by the adrenal glands and placenta.

With pronounced varicose veins andliver disease is not prescribed. He prepares the body for conception, without harming him. Produced in the form of candles, and in the form of capsules. Capsules are taken in the evening in a dosage of 200-300 mg, which should be divided twice.

How does uterus affect pregnancy?

Sterility at pregnancy helps the fetal egg it is normal to implant to the wall of the uterus and further supports its normal development in the embryo. Utrozhestan - a synthetic analogue of progesterone. He does not influence the child. With caution appoint for varicose veins, diabetes mellitus and CNS diseases. The drug is gradually canceled within a month, decreasing the dosage.

Progesterone deficiency often endsinfertility, but we have for you the joyful news - now this problem can be completely solved! Just do not, please, self-medicate, dear women, because pregnancy - a very delicate process, the slightest shift in the hormonal background can cause miscarriage. Before starting the treatment, donate blood to progesterone.

Early pregnancy in early pregnancy

Pregnancy early pregnancy. in the first trimester. is appointed mainly in the form of candles, which are administered at the same time in the evening every day. This form of the drug is preferable to tablets, since it causes less side effects, which are undesirable for the pregnant and toddler, especially from the liver.

Many of the problems with bearing medicine cansolve, appointing women an adequate dose of progesterone. The drug reduces the tone of the uterus and sets in order the nervous system. Side effects of pregnancy control during pregnancy in the early stages: dizziness and absent-mindedness, so be extremely careful when driving the machine and at work.

Thrombophlebitis, varicose veins and liver problems alsocan cause the doctor to refuse you therapy with Utrozhestan. In most cases, Utrozhestan is well tolerated. Additional care is needed when taking the drug pregnant, suffering from diabetes and having problems in the cardiovascular system. There are no single recommendations for all pregnant women - a possible daily dosage of 300-600 mg.

Because the preparation has a plant base, you do notyou can gain weight when you receive it. He does not participate in carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. Utrozhestan does not cause swelling and does not harm the baby, does not lead to hormonal disorders in the child after birth. This is evidenced by the fact that hundreds of thousands of children around the world were born due to the fact that the doctor recommended Utrozestan with the threat of termination of pregnancy. The drug has no analogues.

Sterility at the 5th week of pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special condition of the body,this is an occasion for joy and new hopes. But often during pregnancy, for a short period of time, it is necessary to prescribe medications that help to keep it. If you have a pregnancy or a pregnancy at 5 weeks, you may be prescribed if there is a slight clotting or the uterus is in tonus.

Utrozhestan is designed for long-term use. It is made on the basis of plant material. So lowering the hormonal background should not cause you to panic, it can be completely eliminated without affecting your health during pregnancy. But self-medication should not be dealt with in any case - everything is under the control of a gynecologist!

The drug has a minimum of side effects, with itsadmission you will not suffer from swelling or gain weight. It normalizes the structure of the endometrium during the early pregnancy period, so that the baby is well placed in your abdomen. You can not abruptly cancel the drug. The doctor will tell you at the reception how best to reduce the dosage. Usually it drops by 50 mg every week.

Utrozestan at the 13th week of pregnancy

Utrozestan at the 13th week of pregnancy is prescribed,if there is a threat of termination of pregnancy due to a lack of progesterone. This problem is very common today. Often also prescribe antispasmodics. They are fully compatible with Utrozhestan. Sterilization during pregnancy in most cases is prescribed in a dosage of 200 mg. Utrozhestan does not inhibit the production of hormones of pregnancy by your body, but supplements them and therefore can not cause harm. The only thing to consider is that morning can not be prescribed to women with liver problems, thrombosis and varicose veins.

Utrozastan in late pregnancy

Sterility at pregnancy on late termsIt can be used if there is a placental underdevelopment. If there is a chronic habitual miscarriage of pregnancy, the doctor can be reinsured and appoint you after 20 weeks and almost until the very birth. Also, Utrozestan at a later date is shown to those mothers who received IVF. It is preferable to use candles - they do not affect the liver. You can not worry - the drug does not harm the fetus.

Utrozestan after the 20th week of pregnancy

Sterility at pregnancy after 20 weeks is rarely prescribed, since hormonal supportafter this period, actually loses its significance. But sometimes, according to the results of blood tests, there is still not enough progesterone, even taking into account the fact that on the 20th week it begins to produce the placenta. In this case, you may need to drink Utrozstan before delivery. Also, the problem may be relevant if pregnancy occurred as a result of artificial insemination and in women with ischemic-cervical insufficiency.

Sterling at the 22nd week of pregnancy

Sterility at pregnancy on week 22 appoint at the shortening of the cervix, as thiscan cause premature birth due to the threat of its early exposure. If a history of miscarriages, frozen pregnancy or premature birth, the doctor can also appoint Utrozestan to hedge. In this there is nothing terrible. Strictly follow his recommendations and when the time comes, according to the prescribed scheme, cancel the drug. It will help you to give birth in time to a healthy baby, without bringing him any harm, as in its composition a plant analogue of progesterone.

Astrogestan at 30 weeks of gestation

Astrogestan at 30 weeks of gestation appoint with a short soft cervix of the uterus and ifthe baby is located low in the uterine cavity. If the doctor appoints you to Utrozestan on such a date, then he has good reason, so you should not refuse - it can be dangerous for the baby. Of course, basically the drug is used in the early stages, but every clinical case is completely individual. Trust the specialists.

Duphaston or morning after pregnancy, which is better?

Progesterone - pregnancy hormone, which is producedplacenta and adrenal glands. Both drugs are designed to compensate for the lack of progesterone in the body of a woman. Placental insufficiency is one of the most common causes of miscarriages.

The difference is that Utrozhestan is a natural analog of progesterone, and Dufaston is a synthetic progesterone. But the experience of using Dufaston is longer, which can be attributed to the pluses.

And Dyufaston, and Utrozestan during pregnancy removesincreased uterine tone. Utrozhestan has an easy sedative effect. Duphaston is a much more powerful drug. As a rule, it is prescribed in a dosage of 1-4 tablets up to 18 weeks. Contraindications: asthma, diabetes mellitus.

Instructions for the use of pregnancy in pregnancy

Sterility in pregnancy is taken internally either introvaginally. Usually the dosage of tablets is 200 mg. The drug is taken in two divided doses.

The vagina injected 200 mg of the drug into tworeception is better at night, since it has the property of flowing. Utrozhestan is used with caution in diabetes, epilepsy, depression, varicose veins, thrombosis, with liver problems not in the compensation stage, with malignant neoplasms of the female genital area and mammary glands at the time of admission, or in the anamnesis.

When taking the drug, drowsiness anddistraction. Be careful when you sit behind the wheel. Sterility in pregnancy is prescribed today by gynecologists quite often. Nevertheless, caution should be exercised when using progesterone during pregnancy, self-medication is unacceptable. In some countries of Europe, Utrozestan is not used. This is due to the fact that its effect on the fetus has so far been little studied.

In what cases is the preparation justified:
If a laboratory lacks progesterone in the blood test during pregnancy.
If you have a habitual miscarriage, associated with a lack of progesterone.
If you can not get pregnant due to a lack of progesterone.

Be sure to note that the dosage andduration of treatment by Utrozhestan is determined only by a doctor! Usually a dose of 200-300 mg is administered twice. Cancellation of the drug is carried out gradually. The cancellation plan is appointed by the doctor. Usually every week is injected 100 mg less than the previous one until complete cancellation. Abrupt cancellation can trigger a miscarriage!

How much should I take during pregnancy?

Sterility at pregnancy renders the futuremum effective hormonal support. He is appointed if there is a threat of miscarriage before the 24th week of pregnancy. In women with liver problems, it is preferable to use the suppositories of Utrozestan.

Cancellation of the morning after pregnancy

Sterilization during pregnancy is canceled, reducing the doseper 100 mg per week, or 50 mg every three days. In this case, ensure that there is no bleeding from the genital tract. In any case, cancel Utrozestan gradually, so as not to harm the child.

Allocations after pregnancy in pregnancy

Allocations after the administration of suppositories of pregnancy without pregnancy should not bother you, as they melt into the vagina and flow outward. White discharge is the norm in this case.

Bloody discharge requires a dose adjustment. If you find a smear on your underwear, go to an emergency appointment to an obstetrician-gynecologist!

Pregnancy after taking morning care

A desired pregnancy is sometimes not due toprogesterone deficiency. Utrozestan during pregnancy and at the planning stage in the form of capsules and candles copes with this problem. Thousands of women he helped to conceive and give birth to a healthy child. To be reinsured, at the planning stage the doctor can prescribe Utrozestan to women with acne or male hair type. You can not prescribe yourself a drug yourself. Receiving Utrozhestan in some women causes dizziness and drowsiness.

Reception of the morning after a pregnant pregnancy

Sterility during pregnancy can be prescribed aftera dead pregnancy, especially if there are troubling symptoms, such as brown discharge. Progesterone, contained in the drug, will help you communicate the pregnancy. Tablets Utrozhestan or candles are drunk or injected in the morning and evening. Usually the dosage is 200-300 mg per day, but if the threat is very severe and the dysfunction of the hormonal sphere is expressed by analysis, the dose can be increased to 600 mg per day.

Indications for the reception of morning after pregnancy

Utrozestan can help in the treatment of infertilityor with artificial insemination. Sterilization in pregnancy is also prescribed to those who have low levels of progesterone in their blood, and on this basis miscarriages or premature births occurred earlier. Utrozhestan can be appointed pregnant if she has a uterine myoma in order to prevent her growth. Capsules and suppositories of Utrozhestan are composed of plant components, a natural progesterone analogue from plant material. The form of the preparation is capsules of 100 mg and 200 mg.

The drug normalizes the production of the endometrium,reduces undesirable activity of uterine musculature. Some of you, dear mothers, are completely in vain frightened of Utrozhestan's appointment, afraid of the words "hormonal drug". The components of the drug can not harm the baby.

Dose of morning after pregnancy

Sterility at pregnancy, if anydeficiency of progesterone, appoint 200-300 mg in the morning and evening inside or intravaginally. The method of application is chosen by the doctor, taking into account your individual characteristics. With IVF and habitual miscarriage, a gynecologist can increase the dosage to 800 mg (also in two divided doses). In this case, the therapy is continued until 24-26 weeks of pregnancy.

Morning 100 during pregnancy

Sterility in pregnancy is used in the formcapsules of 100 and 200 mg each. Different dosages allow individual approach to the prescription of the drug for each patient. It has been proved that intravaginal administration of a capsule with the threat of termination of pregnancy is more effective and safe than taking tablets inwards. This minimizes side effects and does not harm the liver. Utrozhestan is used with caution for problems with kidney and liver function, varicose veins, diabetes mellitus and epilepsy.

Astrogestan 200 in pregnancy

Progesterone is still during the menstrual cycle,when there is no pregnancy, prepares the body for the possible attachment of a fertilized egg. It produces a yellow body. The yellow body arises at the place of the bursted follicle with the egg and is a temporary gland of internal secretion.

In general, the preparation of Utrozestan 200, containinga vegetable analog of progesterone, is prescribed in the first 24 weeks of pregnancy, and then the intake is discontinued, as it begins to accumulate in the liver and negatively affects its function.

Contraindications to taking the drug Utrozestan intime of pregnancy: diabetes, epilepsy, depression, varicose veins, severe violations of the liver, tumors of the female genital organs and mammary glands. You may experience some unwanted side effects while taking the drug, for example, drowsiness and distraction. Individual sensitivity, allergy is possible.

Candles of the morning after pregnancy

Progesterone helps a fertilized eggfully develop. But sometimes it happens that a woman in the body does not have enough. And then the pregnancy either does not come at all, or it comes, but it is interrupted, ending with a miscarriage. In this case, during the next pregnancy the doctor insists on taking progesterone.

Given that pregnancy and taking medicationit is not enough that all side effects should be minimized and the liver working for two should be spared, the gynecologist can prescribe to you not tablets, but vaginal suppositories, for example, Utrozhestan.

The industry produces candles of 100 mg and 200 mg. The drug in the form of vaginal suppositories is very quickly absorbed into the blood, bypassing the liver. Utrozhestan is perfectly combined with vitamin complexes for pregnant women and sedatives. Cancellation of the drug is carried out in the second trimester, gradually reducing the dose. It is inadmissible to abruptly cancel the drug "Utrozestan" during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Tablets

In our time, the problem of miscarriages is very urgent. Only 80% of pregnancies end in childbirth. Women's health is most affected by stress and STDs. A gynecologist may prescribe pregnant pill, Utrozhestan, if these negative factors have affected her hormonal background, and her progesterone level has decreased.

Utrozhestan during pregnancy is also used in the form ofcandles, but the doctor can decide in some cases that a particular pregnant woman is more suitable form of tablets. This drug reduces the contraction of the uterus and fallopian tubes.

The drug supplements the hormones that producesfemale body. The excess of progesterone in its application is impossible. And yet, there are a number of contraindications: thromboses, malignant tumors of female genital organs, severe liver diseases, leading to a strong disruption of its function.

Side effects of pregnancy in pregnancy

Side effects of pregnancy in pregnancy is drowsiness, lethargy, absent-mindedness. Be careful in transport and driving.

Overdose of morning after pregnancy

Overdose of the drug Utrozestan atpregnancy is manifested in the intensification of its side effect. Symptoms of overdose: drowsiness, absent-mindedness, nausea, vomiting. Overdose is eliminated by correcting the dose of the drug.

Reviews of the morning after pregnancy

Sterility during pregnancy has somedeficiencies such as side effects or too high for some price, but overall the drug is well tolerated by women and helps to bear the baby. If you are assigned Utrozestan in the form of candles, protect the laundry with daily linings, because it flows and this causes some inconvenience. At some women during reception of a preparation the appetite raised and blood pressure lowered, attention was reduced. So we do not recommend you to sit behind the wheel after inserting a candle or taking a pill. Also Utrozhestan suitable for women with irregular cycles and for the treatment of pathological menopause.

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