Thyroxine swelling

Edema and weight gain are classic signs of hypothyroidism. They can be of varying degrees of manifestation depending on the level of deficiency of thyroid hormones.

A significant deficit of these hormones is manifesteda condition called "myxedema". It is on the relief of these and other symptoms that hormone replacement therapy is directed, which is carried out with the help of thyroxine.

With a properly selected dose of thyroxine, andconsequently, and effective treatment, the clinical manifestations of hypothyroidism quickly enough stop. If the patient has clinical signs of the disease, then this only indicates an inadequate dosage. Hypothyroidism also does not immediately manifest as edema and fullness, but only over time.

The prescribed treatment may not be effectivebecause of insufficient compensation of hormones by the drug. Why it can happen is hard to say. For example, if you, as a young woman, use oral hormonal contraceptives, they can lead to a decrease in the effectiveness of thyroxine. There are other options, but to understand the situation and adjust the dose of thyroxine can only be taken internally.

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