Smoking swelling

quit smoking edema Deciding to quit, it is worthwhile to postpone"Moment" of the week for two or three. If possible - go on vacation, wash off stress. In any case, it is worth devoting this prologue to strengthening the body. I do not know what the secret is, but after ten intensive campaigns in the "rocking chair" you feel like a peasant. And it helps to resolve any issues, quit smoking edema including a bored issue with smoking. The rocking chair can be replaced by swimming or boxing, but for anyone - physical education is compulsory. You can go for a month to raft on kayaks along mountain rivers, wander through the jungle or conquer some unapproachable peak. But it is necessary to choose for this event completely non-smokers quit smoking swelling team - such are found. If there is nobody to "shoot" a cigarette, the hard travel regime and heavy physical exertion will soon make you forget about tobacco. More than half of them will not cross the pension threshold, dying from smoking at the age of 35-55 years. For reasons of death of smokers, cardiovascular diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and cancer are leading - up to 95% of oncological dispensary patients are inveterate smokers. Smoking quit smoking swelling of the mother during pregnancy is responsible for many problems of childhood. Many begin to quit smoking and quit smoking edema with the fact that gradually reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day. To do this, you can increase the intervals between breaks, smoke a cigarette only up to half (closer to the filter contains more tar and nicotine). The second misconception concerns, first of all, women, because many of them think that if they quit smoking, they will automatically gain excess weight. In fact, after giving up smoking, he stopped smoking, and many people start filling this gap with eating excess foods, Sukhovskaya noted. Even if such little tricks do not help to throw immediately, they will still benefit, doctors say. Thanks to such behavioral psychotherapy, a "critical mass of motivation" gradually accumulates - and once. You find yourself ready to give up! If you decide to quit smoking, but quit smoking, you are afraid that you can not do it yourself - do not hesitate to ask for help.

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