Glomerulonephritis swelling

Question: Hello!
For a year now, after the exacerbation of bronchitisOpened chronic mesangioproliferative glomerulonephritis (focal or diffuse proliferation of renal glomerulus cells - note). The diagnosis is confirmed by a biopsy.
Disturb: a small amount of urine (400-500 ml per day), back pain, headaches, swelling of the legs, weight gain, weakness, fatigue, cramps from the kidneys to the bladder, burning in the urethra. Doctors can not alleviate the condition.
The function of the kidneys is nitrogen excretory andConcentration saved. Urination is rare, in small portions of 50-100 ml, after it there is a burning sensation, a strong sensitivity when filling the bladder - you feel every drop when filling it.
Prompt, perhaps somehow to adjust and increase a diuresis, to remove or take out edemas and pressure of legs or foots? Thank you in advance,

Answer: Hello Irina! Tell me more about the feeling "feel every drop when filling it."

Homeopath Grigor Sergey Vadimovich.

Question: Hello, Sergey Vadimovich!
First, discomfort and tension fromlumbar region in the area of ​​the kidneys to the lower urinary tract in the bladder and urethra, you feel how the fluid moves, it passes into the bladder, while you feel that a tampon is inserted somewhere below. Then, you feel that there are frequent urge to urinate, kidneys begin to ache: lomit, colitis, and as if someone is beating them, but when you go to the toilet only 50-100 ml of urine, a sense of relief in the kidneys, and in the bladder and urethra burning and discomfort.
In the prone position, these symptoms are less and urineis typed more. When walking or standing up, after 30 minutes -1 hour, there is tension in the legs, fatigue of the legs, pain, raspiranie and then there are swelling in them. In the morning, swelling is present on the face and eyelids also swell.
The urine is always reddish-brick in color, in ita lot of mucus, it is opaque, there are some flakes of small and long threads, almost always foams like beer. In the analysis of urine, there is nothing to plant bacteria.
Like this. Thanks for the reply, thanks in advance, Irina.

Answer: Hello Irina! To start treatment, take a homeopathic medicine - Lycopodium 6 - 5 granules of food daily in the morning and in the evening, or more often, until the improvement. At night, you can additionally take Berberis 3X - 7 granules each.

Homeopath Grigor Sergey Vadimovich.