Swelling movement

With predisposition to swelling of the legs and hands beforeconsiderable physical exertion, which requires a lot of effort (for example, it may be the cutting of firewood or rowing), prolonged standing on the legs, it is necessary to bandage the limbs with an elastic bandage, wear special compression knitwear or compression dressings, and make a muscle workout.

Muscles, like the vascular system of the limbs fromskin and to the depth of tissues, not being prepared for hard work, swell faster and more strongly. This applies not only to older and middle-aged people, but even to children and adolescents, many of whom today do not move much, preferring to sit at the computer for a long time.

How to get rid of edema. The simplest, but effective exercise is to climb to the toes and drop sharply on the heels (60 times: one movement per second);

It is useful to do rotations in the ankle joint, bend your knees, raise your legs, tilt your torso.

Cutting muscles, squeezing the veins andlymphatic vessels, squeeze out the liquid from them, helping to promote blood and lymph, and only to the center, because the liquid can not be squeezed back by the presence of valves.

It is very important to prevent constipation, stool retentionmore than 2-3 days and attempts to defecate lead to an increase in pressure in the abdominal cavity, resulting in inevitably increased pressure in the vessels of the pelvis and legs. Therefore, people prone to constipation, it is necessary to maintain normal operation of the intestines with diet, herbs, gymnastics and massage.

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