Nervous swelling

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EDEMA - (Oedema), general or local waterborne disturbancemineral metabolism, characterized by excessive accumulation of water, electrolytes and proteins (transudate) in intercellular tissue spaces. Depending on the cause distinguish O. stagnant (cardiac) ... Veterinary Encyclopedic Dictionary

NEUROTIC - from the Greek. neuron, nerve. Relating to inflammation of the nerves, or originating from it. Explanation of 25000 foreign words, which were used in Russian, with the meaning of their roots. Mikhelson A.D. 1865 ... Dictionary of foreign words of the Russian language

Horney K. - Karen Horney, 1938 Karen Horney (Eng. Karen Horney, the correct surname is pronounced [hornay]; September 16, 1885 December 4, 1952) is an American psychologist of Norwegian Danish origin. Sharing the basic principles of psychoanalysis about the decisive role ... ... Wikipedia

DEPENDENCE ON PSYCHOTHERAPEUTIC - Z.O. P. is a fairly common feature of patients, manifested in the process of psychotherapy. Most patients at the beginning of treatment have ambiguous motivation regarding the emerging relationships with ... ... Psychotherapeutic Encyclopedia

STOMACH - THE STOMACH. (gaster, ventriculus), an enlarged intestinal tract, which, due to the presence of special glands, is the value of an especially important digestive organ. Clearly differentiated "stomachs" of many invertebrates, especially arthropods and ... ... Great Medical Encyclopedia

AUTOGENOUS TRAINING - (Greek autos himself, genos origin). An active method of psychotherapy, psycho-prophylaxis and psycho-hygiene, aimed at restoring the dynamic balance of the system of homeostatic self-regulating mechanisms of the human body, ... ... Psychotherapeutic encyclopaedia

AMYLOIDOSIS - honey. Amyloidosis in most cases is a systemic disease characterized by deposition in the tissues of amyloid (complex protein polysaccharide complex). Amyloidosis leads to atrophy and sclerosis of the parenchyma, insufficiency of various organs. Frequency: ... ... Directory of Diseases

ALLERGY OF FOOD - honey. Food allergies are regularly occurring symptoms associated with the use of certain foods and are caused by hypersensitivity reactions. A true food allergy is found in about 2% of adults and 4% of children. Etiology • ... ... Handbook of Diseases

Pulp-beds - honey. Carpal necrosis of soft tissues (skin with subcutaneous tissue, mucous membrane, wall of a hollow organ or blood vessel, etc.), resulting from ischemia caused by prolonged continuous mechanical pressure. Localization ... ... Directory of Diseases

Frustration - (from the Latin. frustratio deception, frustration, destruction of plans), 1) a mental state expressed in the characteristic features of experiences and behavior caused by objectively insurmountable (or subjectively understood) difficulties ... ... The Encyclopedic Dictionary of Psychology and Pedagogy