Swelling of the gums

Gums. Like any anatomical object, coveredsoft tissues, can inflame, and increase in size. Swelling of the mucous gums you just do not miss. You do not need to look into your mouth, you will feel the swelling of the gums with your tongue. We will understand why it can cause such a defeat of the gums.

In order to understand this, we need to understand what the anatomical point of view is gum. In fact, from the point of view of normal anatomy,there is no education like gum. It stands out only from the point of view of topographic anatomy. The gingiva is the portion of the upper jaw with the teeth contained in it covered with a mucous membrane.

As well as any visible mucous, The gingival surface is a mirror of what is happeningin the body of systemic processes. The reasons for its surface can be divided into 2 main groups. The first include local factors, to the second systemic reactions to the pathological processes occurring in the body.

Of course, the most common cause of edema is infectious gum disease. From what for it arises? As you probably know in the oral cavity live thousands of species of different microorganisms, and no matter how you brush your teeth they will not go anywhere. Many of them do not mind settling in your tissues deeper. Normally, your saliva has an antiseptic effect and does not allow bacteria and fungi to multiply actively. But when this barrier weakens, or there are wounds in your mucous membranes, which are an excellent medium for the growth of alien organisms, an inflammatory reaction begins to develop in them. There is swelling and soreness, so the body is protected from an alien invasion. Similarly, a massive fungal infection can occur if there is a disturbance in the microflora of the mouth, for example, with prolonged use of strong antibiotics, or with abuse of local antiseptics. Natural bacteria are competitors for fungi, die, and they begin to multiply actively. However, it should be remembered that the antifungal protection of the body at times inferior to antibacterial in effectiveness.

The same cause of inflammation can be traumathe mucous membrane of the gums, as the rules of trauma arises as a result of interaction with foreign objects, the most common cause is the formation of pressure sores from poorly fitted dentures. Also, the cause of inflammatory infiltration of the mucosa may be toxic or thermal damage to the oral mucosa. With such influences, she can no longer restrain the microflora that inhabits the mouth from invading deeper tissues, and the body responds with swelling and leukocyte aggression designed to repel this invasion.

Now let's move on to the second group of diseases.

Systemic manifestations, which can lead to the development of edema of the oral mucosa, are quite diverse.

The most known such disease is scurvy. Now this disease occurs fairlyrarely, it occurs as a result of a deficiency of vitamin C in the body. Until the early 20th century, this disease was quite common among sailors and people in the diet who did not have any vegetarian food. It has been experimentally found that some products prevent the occurrence of scurvy, and only with the development of biochemistry it has been proven that they contain a large amount of vitamin C. If you eat meat or meat for a long time, do not eat multivitamins, juices, vegetables and fruits, and you begin to swell and bleed the gums. Think about it, maybe you have beriberi, buy a pack of multivitamins, and take them regularly, you will feel relief in 3-4 days.

The cause of the edema of the gums may be and allergicreaction to anything, if you see that your face is swelling, your tongue is swelling and your gums swelling. Urgently seek medical help. Most likely, you are developing angioedema. This is an extremely dangerous condition that canlead to your death. There is a swelling of all soft-tissue organs of the oral cavity, they are so enlarged that they block the airways and the person dies from not being able to inhale. Do not wait for difficulty breathing, call an ambulance immediately, otherwise the doctor just will not have time to come to you, before you suffocate.

Briefly summarize the causes that can lead to swelling of your gums.

What can it mean and what to do with it?

Infection. It occurs as a result of a decrease in immunity, or in violation of the normal microflora of the oral cavity. The treatment is aimed at eliminating the cause of infection and destroying the pathogen.

Injury. Violation of the integrity of the mucosa, it is infected. Local destruction of foreign microorganisms is necessary.

Poorly selected dentures. Poorly fitted dentures can rub and injure the gums, it is recommended that they be replaced.

Irritation by chemical agents. Avoid substances that irritate you.

Allergy. It is dangerous for the development of Quincke's edema, if you have any symptoms, call a doctor immediately ..

Avitaminosis potentially dangerous condition, but relatively easy to eliminate when adding enough vitamins to food.