Help edema

When water metabolism is disturbed in tissues and cavitiesaccumulates fluid, characterized by low density and lack of protein. The most severe cases can be accompanied by massive swelling of the trunk and legs.

How to remove excess fluid and help with foot swelling in bedridden patients, whose body is already weakened by the underlying disease?

One of the main problems accompanying theof patients is the formation of pressure sores, which are the main companions of edema. Patients need to regularly change the position of the body, preference should be given to a sitting posture.

Sheets should be without folds, under the sacrum and buttocks it is better to put a rubber circle. The skin should be wiped with disinfectants - alcohol, cologne.

How to deal with leg swelling

In most cases, the swelling of the legs in bedridden patients occurs as a result of chronic heart failure, it arises in the lumbar region and gradually spreads in the direction of the feet.

To eliminate swelling, concentrateattention to the qualitative treatment of the underlying disease, but you need to fight and with the edema itself. It is well helped by foot massage and cold compresses, baths and various kinds of wraps.

In the most severe cases, the use of diuretics (usually furosemide) can be indicated for the rapid removal of excess fluid.

A good effect in the fight against swelling of the legs giveswrapping with elastic bandages or wearing elastic stockings. Not the least role in the fight against leg edema is played by therapeutic gymnastics and massage. The diet assumes a restriction on the use of table salt and liquid.