How long does the edema of the lips after hyaluronic acid

Edema after lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid

If the lips are swollen.
Hyaluronic acid refers to negativelycharged glycosaminoglycans of connective tissue. It is present in the basal epidermis, allowing to maintain the level of optimal moisture of elastin and collagen.

Injections of hyaluronic acid are used to correct lips, contours and face shape, filling wrinkles, wrinkles. This method of rejuvenation can also be used to rejuvenate the neck, neck, and hands.
The duration of the effect from the injection can reach half a year, after which they must be carried out again, in order to maintain the concentration of the substance.

But there are nuances that must be known, so that in the morning they see too puffy lips do not panic ...

Edema after injections of hyaluronic acid

After the procedure, almost all are faced withformation of edema. Painful or not, they cause a feeling of "bursting", "swelling" - very unpleasant sensations, especially in the sensitive area of ​​the lips. Possessing a pronounced volume, the edema causes a cosmetic defect and many are very frightened.

There are almost no contraindications to injections. The exception is people with increased intolerance to medicines, frequent allergic diseases, especially with a history of Quinck's edema or repeated urticaria. Here you should first consult an allergist, and then carry out the necessary procedures.
In any case, its "allergenicity" shouldinform and cosmetologist, then he will be able to select the optimal dosage of the filler and reduce the likelihood of undesirable consequences from the injection.

How does the swelling develop on the lips? Getting under the skin, any, even the smallest volume of the injected drug destabilizes the internal environment of the injection site. The concentration of a certain substance (in this case carbohydrate) sharply increases, and the tissue tries to dilute it with a liquid. And since the face area is one of the highly blood-filled areas of the body - the effect of getting the exogenous polysaccharide increases many times, in comparison with the less vascularized areas.
Puffiness will occur in any case, even with the selection of adequate doses and the use of modern needles.
Hyaluronic acid itself is a hydrophilic substance, which means it literally attracts water. It is this quality that ensures the youthfulness of the skin. And swelling is an absolutely normal reaction of the body.
Which, with the observance of the sterility of the filler, will disappear in a few days.

How to remove swelling after a shot

If you do not want to wait, or swelling of the placeinjection you are very worried, you can apply the drugs acting on the vascular wall. Gel "Troxevasin" helps reduce the permeability of the vascular wall. Applying ice to the site of the tumor - it is possible to achieve local narrowing of the vessels, however, long-term use of this method may be the cause of the deterioration.

Opinion on the effectiveness ofuse of "Badyagi", but, because of its origin (freshwater sponges), this drug will lead to a high probability of local allergic reactions, which is undesirable in the case of an already disturbed local homeostasis.

To remove the swelling after lip augmentation hyaluronic acid will help homeopathic drug "Arnika", but before using it, you should inform your beautician about it.

Another way to reduce the likelihood ofthe appearance of puffiness is the use of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid in injections; in any case, consult your cosmetician about the choice of this or that form of the drug.

It is also possible to use folk remedies,intensifying the tone of the vascular wall - for example, extract and decoction of horse chestnut. Use can leaves, fruits, flowers. Fresh juice of the Kalina has vitaminizing properties and relieves puffiness (it is forbidden for gout), it also contributes to the pain threshold, which will also affect the sensations after the procedure - it will be easier to bear unpleasant sensations.

To reduce the risk of possible complications orincrease puffiness, do not go to the dentist for at least a week. Also give up entirely from visiting the solarium, increased natural insolation for the period of edema, facial massage or even a simple scratching.

In any case, it is worth remembering: GC is biocompatible to the body, and threatening complications almost never cause. Do not be afraid to use it as a rejuvenating agent - puffiness will subside, and the effect of the injection will remain and will please you for several months.

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