After how much will the swelling after tooth extraction

Is it possible to eat ice cream after eating a tooth, drink alcohol, beer, wine, rinse your mouth, smoke? These questions we will answer you in the article.

What are the causes of tooth extraction?

  1. Osteomyelitis of the jaw.
  2. Flux, phlegmon.
  3. The last stage of periodontitis, when the tooth is very loosened.
  4. Deviations in the bite. At removal the place for a teeth which will change the position at orthodontic treatment is released.

Remember that teeth can not be removed, if you have a flu or recently had a heart attack, you have high blood pressure or are pregnant, suffer from angina or epilepsy.

Can I have ice cream after tooth extraction?

You wonder if it is possible after tooth extractionice cream? Yes, cooling the well helps reduce pain and swelling. Edema is a natural reaction after surgery, it does not need to be frightened. The cold makes blood vessels contract.

The next day after removal, on the contrary, warm compresses are useful. Dampen the towel in hot water and keep it on the cheek, adjacent to the hole until it cools.

Can I drink alcohol after tooth extraction?

If you ask a doctor if it is possible afterremoval of the tooth to drink alcohol, he will respond to you that during the first 24 hours after removal, this can not be done. And the reason is, first of all, that the often following tooth extraction appointed antibiotics, which are not compatible with alcohol. Alcohol can also help to ensure that bleeding increases.

Is it possible to drink beer after tooth extraction?

You are wondering whether after tooth extraction you can drinkbeer? No, it is impossible to drink even a weak alcohol after any operation. In the mouth, you can not create a vacuum, which is formed when the liquid is sucked from the bottle. Juice is also desirable to drink not from the tube, but in small sips. The beer contains yeast. Yeast mushrooms can get into the wound and multiply in it.

Is it possible to drink wine after tooth extraction?

The answer to the question is whether after tooth extractiondrink wine is unambiguous - like any alcohol, after any surgery during the day, wine is highly undesirable. Alcohol can cause prolonged bleeding from the socket. Use alcohol with antibiotics, which you can appoint a doctor, it is prohibited!

Can I rinse my mouth after tooth extraction?

Rinse your mouth in the first day after removalit is impossible. Rinse can be replaced with oral baths with soda: a teaspoon of baking soda to a glass of water. Keep it in your mouth, but do not shake it, spit it out and so on several times, until you have consumed the whole glass.

Is it possible to smoke after tooth extraction?

If you can not without cigarettes, you probablyI wonder if after tooth extraction you can smoke. When you smoke, a vacuum forms in your mouth, which leads to a clotting shift. Therefore, it is better to refrain from smoking in the first 24 hours.

Is it possible to take a sick leave after tooth extraction?

You are probably wondering if it is possible after removala tooth to take sick leave, if this procedure is for you. Everything depends on how difficult the removal was. Sometimes the teeth are removed permanently, they put the patient in the hospital for 3-4 days. If the removal is complicated by a jaw fracture, it is practiced. If there are no complications, the hospital may not give. In general, of course, everything depends on how insistently you will ask for it.

Can I breastfeed after tooth extraction?

After tooth extraction you can breastfeed, allmodern anesthetics are compatible with breastfeeding. If the doctor prescribes antibiotics, at this time it is better to refrain from feeding. Ask the doctor to pick up an antibiotic for you.

Can I wash my head after tooth extraction?

All those who have gone through tooth extraction, and especiallygirls, the question interests, whether it is possible after a tooth extraction to wash a head. If not too long and carefully, then you can. Do not take more than 10 minutes to bathe in the bathroom, as this increases blood flow and can lead to bleeding. Water should not be very hot. You can not lower your head - do not wash it under the tap, use a shower.

Can I chew gum after tooth extraction?

Fans of this fascinating and to some extentuseful for the teeth classes can ask - can I chew the cud after the tooth is removed? We answer - no, refuse for a while from this habit. No chewing gum and sucking candy.

Can I play sports after tooth extraction?

The answer to the question is whether after tooth extractionplay sports, single-valued - the first two days to save yourself better. Otherwise, pressure may rise, and blood will again flow. Also, you can not overexert yourself, lift heavy things. You can watch TV, do homely homework, or just lie down and rest.

Can I brush my teeth after tooth extraction?

Not only it is possible, but also it is necessary, avoiding the fieldaround the hole and not very stiff brush without paste. You can brush your teeth 12 hours after removal. For additional disinfection in a day it is useful to gently rinse your mouth with soda (1 teaspoon baking soda for a glass of warm, not hot water). Such a solution has good antiseptic and wound healing properties.

Can I eat after tooth extraction?

Of course, you are interested in the question, is it possible aftertooth extraction and when. Unstable food can be taken after 3-4 hours. It can be mashed potatoes, mousses, yoghurt. It is better to refuse from more solid food until complete healing. Food should not be hot. You can treat yourself to ice cream. It will quench the pain. Do not use a straw when drinking juice, do not drink alcohol.

Can I swim after tooth extraction? If you are cleansing, you are concerned about the question of whether you can bathe after removing the tooth, how long it is necessary to wait. If the water is not very hot, after 3-4 hours you can swim, but preferably under the shower than in the bathroom. The shower should be hardly warm, but do not catch cold. Yes, an important point - if you have a cold, stop with removal, germs from the nasopharynx will fall into the hole. You can not take a sauna and go to the solarium.

Can I drink coffee after tooth extraction?

You can drink coffee after 3 hours after tooth extraction, if it is not hot.

Can I fly after removing the tooth?

If you are to fly by plane, youprobably interested in whether it is possible after the removal of the tooth to fly, whether this operation will not interfere. We dare to assure - no. But take with you a sterile cotton wool so that you can put a tampon if bleeding starts. If you are stitched, of course, you need to wait for them to be removed if the trip is long.

Can I apply ice after tooth extraction?

Yes, ice after tooth extraction reduces puffiness andpain. Apply it to the adjacent cheek for 15 minutes 1 time in two hours. The purpose of a cold compress is narrowing of the vessels. The appearance of swelling of the face - the norm in the first 5 days after tooth extraction.

Is it possible to drink anesthetic after tooth extraction?

Of course, you can, but it's better if you are appointeddoctor. The most common: Ibuprofen (600-800 mg 3-4 times a day). With very severe pain, the doctor can prescribe Ketanov (2 tablets of 10 mg at a time every 6 hours).

The tooth was removed. What's next?

If you do not replace the missing tooth in timeprosthesis, in its place will move other teeth. They will begin to slowly break down due to heavy workload. Loss of teeth is fraught with deformation of the face and early wrinkles. If you do not have at least one tooth in your mouth, you will feel it, it will be hard for you to chew. The bone surrounding the tooth will lose density. If in the future you still decide to prosthetics, this will make it much more difficult.

Crowns today are plastic, ceramic or from metellokeramiki - on any purse. Until now, make metal crowns, especially on the lateral teeth.

Ceramic crowns are the most aesthetic. A tooth made of ceramics does not differ from the rest. Ceramic teeth are not stained with coffee and wine.

Metal-ceramic crowns, although very strong, but not as aesthetic, as porcelain.

First you can install a temporary denture fromnylon. You quickly get used to it, they are comfortable and do not cause allergies. It withstands very heavy loads, very light, does not contain metal and retains its appearance for a long time.

After you save up the amount you want, you canput a bridge or implant. The latest technology is the most progressive. Implant will serve you up to 20 years. Between the removal of the tooth and the installation of the implant must be a month or two. Each implant is made separately, the anatomical shape is restored. Implantation allows you to keep adjacent to the removed teeth intact, do not remove nerves in them.

The bridge rest on the adjacent teeth. A separate type of bridge is an adhesive bridge. It is most often used instead of the front lower teeth. It consists of clip-on tabs. Clasp bridge bridges have also gained popularity. Artificial tooth in this case is attached to adjacent teeth with the help of locks.

If one of the supporting teeth needs to be treated, unfortunately, it is necessary to remodel the entire structure.

Stages of prosthetics by any of the following methods:

  1. Meeting with a dentist-therapist, a complete examination of all teeth. Only when all the teeth are treated, you are transferred to an orthopedic dentist.
  2. Surgical preparation for prosthetics. Preparation of supporting teeth and gums. The doctor grinds his teeth and makes an impression. To protect your sharpened teeth, you put temporary crowns.
  3. The prosthesis is made for a while. Usually it takes about 10 days.
  4. Installation of the finished structure.

We tried to answer the questions of concern to youabout whether you can follow the way of life after the tooth extraction, to which you are accustomed, as you can see, there are no special restrictions, the discomfort after the removal of the tooth is temporary, and very soon you will return to the usual activities.