Breast swelling after surgery to increase

Simple but effective exercises will help inanti-edema, which appear after surgery on the chest. We were advised by the candidate of medical sciences, mammalogy-oncologist of the Federal Breast Center of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation in Moscow, Kondakov Andrei Vasilievich.

In women who underwent surgery because ofMalignant tumor on the mammary gland, as a rule, disturb swelling. Mostly they arise on the arm located on the side of the operated breast. Sometimes, in the shoulder, there are also unpleasant sensations. It's hard to make sharp and wide movements with your hand, as if something prevents it. Sometimes the back begins to hurt, there are aching pain in the lower back. Alas, all these postoperative inconveniences do not pass even after a rather long period. If you do not start to fight them, then the situation may worsen. Once the attending physician allows you to do gymnastics, begin immediately. On the day of the exercise you have to spend 10-15 minutes, but you will feel much better.

All exercises should be performed sitting on a special gymnastics ball, the diameter of which should be 30-40 cm.

We repeat the exercises 3-5 times.

Exercise 1.
Completely relax, sit down, keep your head and back straight. At the same time, take your hands back, and then forward.

Exercise 2.
Pull out your hands over your head. Squeeze the brushes into fists and lock in this position for 3-4 seconds. Then, unclench your fists and relax your fingers. In the process of performing this exercise, you should alternate the position of the arms outstretched: we hold above the head, then we spread it to the sides.

Exercise 3.
Sit flat, completely relax and bend your back. Hands should touch, and is between the knees. Begin slowly to straighten out of this position, hands gradually stretch over your head.

Exercise 4.
Sit straight. The right hand should be placed on the left knee, on top of the left arm. From this position, raise your right arm and take it back without bending it. Closely follow the hand with your eyes. Exercise should be performed in a mirror image - the left hand should lie on top of the right and vice versa.

Exercise 5.
Initial position: hands are linked over the head, keep your back straight. Take your elbows back, and sit in this position for a while, then connect the elbows and open the brushes. Repeat the exercise from the starting position.

Exercise 6.
Keep your back straight, straighten your arms and lower them,Brushes at the same time tie into the lock. Calm your hands straight over your head, without undoing it. Hold them in this position for a while, then lower.