When there will be a swelling after lip augmentation

The shape of the mouth can be corrected by tattooingor make-up, but many women dream of lips that look natural. In this case, resort to an operation to increase the lips. The most radical option is the introduction of implants under the skin of the lips. The shape of the lips after surgery will change, and the lips will increase. This plastic of the lips, as a rule, is visible to the naked eye. But it should be remembered that surgical lip plasty has a large number of contraindications. It can not be done for people who suffer from cutaneous and cardiovascular diseases, and also if a person has a tendency to develop keloid scars. Before the operation, you need to undergo a medical examination, which will reveal other limitations. But this is the most radical way of changing the shape of the lips. The result after the operation can last for life, but there is a possibility that after a while the plastic will need to be repeated. The facial features change with age. Also, a repeat operation may be necessary when implants are rejected. Often instead of artificial implants, fat cells are used, which are taken from the patient. This method of correction is called lipofilling. The advantage of this method is that the effect persists for a lifetime, but there are also shortcomings. As a result of this operation, the shape of the lips can change unpredictably. The results can be evaluated after Edema after lip augmentation will pass. Even though lipofilling seems to be a natural way, it does not have such popularity as lip augmentation with a hyaluronic acid-based gel. Since there are no fat cells in the lips, the fat tissue sticks to it with difficulty. To improve survival, the operation must be performed under general anesthesia, which has a large number of different contraindications. The procedure should not be made to patients with diabetes mellitus, those who suffer from infectious, oncological and cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis and bleeding disorders.

Increase the lips with a gel.

In surgical lip surgery relatively recentlythere was such an alternative, as increasing the lips with fillers. Hyaluronic acid, this is a unique substance. Since it is in the human body, it is safe and does not cause allergic reactions or rejection. Lips after injections look natural: tender, juicy, soft. Small bruises and other traces from the injection will be in a few days. Two weeks can remain edema, but it will disappear completely with time. The disadvantage of this procedure is that the effect lasts not for long - up to one year. The gel dissolves over time and the lips get the same look. In some gels add artificial fillers. Such gels were relatively popular recently, since no repeated operations were required. Such gels last longer on the lips, but after its administration, granulomas or scarring may occur, and the gel may migrate from the site of administration.