How to quickly remove the swelling from the lips

In order to understand why the lip was swollen,it is necessary to analyze the cause of the appearance of the tumor. For example, you ate some product that you have never tried before, you were bitten by an unknown insect and so on. Reasons, in fact, can be a huge amount.

To the causes of the appearance of tumors on the lip, you can refer:

- an allergic reaction to anything;

- the emergence of inflammation, infectious or viral diseases;

Do not diagnose the disease yourselfit will turn out. Therefore, the best option is to consult a specialist, and you can start with a therapist. If you know that you have an allergy and notice that your lip is swollen, you need to drink the drug from allergies. When you choose it, carefully study any contraindications and instructions for use. Otherwise, side effects can not be avoided.

It directly depends on the phenomenon that caused itcauses. If swelling is due to internal problems in the body, treatment should begin with the elimination of these very problems. When the lip is swollen due to any trauma, the simplest, but effective treatment is to lubricate the affected area with a soothing ointment and apply an anti-inflammatory drug.

Upper lip swelling: treatment

And now we will consider in more detail how to cure a swollen lip and again to shine a beautiful smile.

If you notice that there is more to the swellingredness with a slight numbness, this indicates that, most likely, the cause of this condition is an allergic reaction. In this case, the lips often become over-dried and slightly cracked. When the tumor appeared sores or vesicles, this is evidence of a viral infection. After you cure the disease itself, the swelling of the lip must also pass.

The cause of the tumor is an allergy? Then take an antihistamine. And to remove dryness and reduce the number of cracks on the lips, you can apply to them a soothing hypoallergenic ointment.

If you have swollen lips, and at hand there are nomedicines, most importantly, do not panic. After all, there are many home methods that help to cope with this problem. For example, a hot and cold compress. Take a couple of ice cubes and wrap them in a napkin. Now attach it to the place of swelling. Or this option: take an ordinary spoon, put it in the freezer and after 20 minutes apply to the place of swelling. And, you need to hold your lips, but not touching it.

You can try the very oppositeoption - hot compresses. To do this, put a towel in the hot water, and then keep it near the tumor on the lip for 15 minutes. The body reduces the accumulation of blood in the affected area and thereby reduces edema. The same remedies can be used in case the lip is swollen after trauma.

Another useful tool is the use of a mixtureWater, Fuller's land and turmeric powder. Very good aloe gel swelling. If you do not have such tools, you can use regular tea bags. To do this, they simply need to apply to the affected area. Dip a sachet of tea for a few minutes in warm water. Then remove it and allow it to cool down. Now it remains to apply it on the lips for only a few minutes. This is a wonderful help to remove swelling.

Be sure to check that theyou lipsticks and balms do not cause allergic reactions. Otherwise, you will use these tools and each time get swollen lips. You do not need this, do you?

In addition, to remove the swelling from the lips, you need to drink plenty of water. This prevents dryness and leaves this area hydrated.