Increase of the lips after how much the edema subsides

To date, there are 3 types of Fullips: Small, Medium Oval and Large Round. All these Plampers are suitable for several forms of the lips.

Sucking the air into yourself you need to "suck" Fullips to your lips and create the effect of the pump, which causes a large flow of blood to your lips. What helps to get more plump lips for a couple of minutes and for a long time.

If you have small lips:

You will need a form - Fullips Small Oval - thatif we translate the "small oval". Recommended for those who want to point to the way to create lips. Fullips Small Oval - gives an opportunity to improve the selected part of the lips, in contrast to the medium oval and Large Round.

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  • If you have narrow lips:

    You will need a form - Fullips Medium Oval - thatif you translate the "average oval." Recommended for all those who have narrow lips or are intentional to improve the upper or lower lip. To create a form of already quite large lips, we recommend using the Large Round.

  • If you have large lips:

    You are destined to form - Fullips Large Round -that if translated means "a big circle." Recommended for all those who already have voluminous lips and intend to achieve greater results with the help of the model. To create fine lips, we recommend using Medium Oval and Small Oval for a specific area of ​​the lips.

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