Swelling of the cheek on the inside

Waking up one morning, you were horrified to notice,that the cheek was absurdly swollen? And, the most surprising thing is that there are no justified reasons for that, it would seem, not? The tooth does not hurt, there were no trips to the dentist, as there were not any stresses of the swollen area ... In general, it is good that there is no pain, and the teeth seem to be as healthy, however, on the other hand, such an inflammation of the cheek can be a very unkind sign on the part of the body.

What is the reason and how to treat ...

So, the cheek is swollen tooth does not hurt, what to do? To begin with, it is important to know that the reasons for this happened can be covered in a variety of diseases. Often, the cause can serve as ear ailments and parotid salivary gland, which means that in such situations, it will be necessary to bypass not one doctor. However, the first thing, of course, is to visit a dentist.

In most cases, to identify the causes of swelling of the cheeks, one x-ray taken by the dentist will be enough, often, it will not be necessary.

Also the dentist will determine if the cheek is swollen underthe result of processes associated with the growth of wisdom tooth. As you know, the wisdom tooth begins to erupt in adulthood, when the dentition has long been formed, and therefore, it leads to damage to the tissues of the jaw. This process, in turn, leads to the release into neighboring tissues of substances called - mediators of inflammation, which, as it is not difficult to guess, and cause inflammation of the cheeks. And it happens at a fairly early stage, when the pain of the gums has not made itself felt.

Often, a swollen cheek symbolizesinflammatory processes of the nose, the beginning of the neuritis of the facial nerve and the inflammation of the soft tissues of the cheek. Various infectious diseases can also lead to this symptom. Needless to say, independent treatment of the inflamed cheek with the help of "folk remedies" is simply unacceptable!

Only a qualified doctor can accurately identify the cause of the symptom and, as a consequence, select the necessary treatment that will save the patient from many possible complications.

And these complications can be very serious,because the face and neck have a huge number of blood vessels and nerve endings, and therefore any infection of this area very quickly spreads throughout the body.

So, no traditional medicine and nodevil-may-care attitude in the style of "will pass by itself!" If urgent measures are required urgently to remove swelling, then experts recommend rinsing the mouth with warm water - a measure though not the most effective, but absolutely safe.

To aggravate edema can be the intake of hot food anddrinks, therefore, it is better to refuse the morning coffee. It is also undesirable to lie on a swollen cheek and perform any kind of action with it, such as pressing or massage.

And finally, I would like all the same to save peoplefrom the possible confusion of panic - swelling of the cheek though it may be an unkind sign, however, timely intervention of the doctor without any problems will prevent any diseases and infections still in the bud.

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