How to remove swelling from the knee

There are several reasons why fluid in the knee. How to remove liquid from the knee? Better feel incomprehensible pain in the knee or a feeling of "squelching" immediately go to the doctor. The course of treatment necessary to get rid of fluid in the joints depends on the original cause of its appearance.

How to remove liquid from the knee. Methodology

• Traditional medicine means 2 ways,used to remove fluid from the knee joint: puncture or surgery. What is an operation is clear to all. Puncture is the same as pumping fluid from the joint (including pus and blood). Before deciding on one of these procedures, it is necessary to be examined by an experienced doctor. If this is the first time with you and there is not a lot of fluid, it is better not to puncture, otherwise there is a risk of its re-accumulation. If the amount of fluid is large, then you need to consult a doctor and decide on a puncture. This procedure is unpleasant, but almost painless.

• If you are afraid of surgery, doctors, do not likehospitals, then you can resort to traditional medicine. How to remove liquid from the knee with the help of folk remedies? There are several recipes that help well in getting rid of pain in joints, including when accumulating fluid in the knee. It is necessary to take a jar with a volume of 500 ml and mix in it 100 g of turpentine, 100 g of whipped protein and 100 g of table vinegar. This mixture should stand for several hours. As a result, you get a white mass, similar to sour cream. It is in this state that the composition can be used. For several days (until the pain in the joint is not passed), you need to rub this knee before bed. For preventive purposes, it is necessary to do this procedure for a week.

• The following composition consists of 110 g of glycerin, 100 g of medical bile, 100 g of honey and 100 g of alcohol. These components must be mixed and rubbed according to the scheme of the previous composition.

• How to remove fluid from the knee yet? There is another rubbing, which helps with fluid and joint pain. It is a tincture made of kerosene and white lilac flowers. To make it, you need to collect a bottle of champagne with lilac flowers to half, and then pour additional kerosene. The bottle should be tightly closed and buried in the ground until autumn. On the onset of cold weather, the bottle can be unearthed and rubbed with this infusion of joints for any pain.

It should be noted that often with liquid in the knee is a complication of injuries. If there is swelling of the joint and pain, then this can be considered a symptom of fluid accumulation. How to remove liquid from the knee in such cases? First of all, it is necessary to fix the joint with a plaster bandage.

These injuries are due to a knee injury,landing from a height to a straight leg, too much physical exertion. Treatment of these injuries begins with a puncture of fluid from the knee that is formed as a result of trauma.

Massage of the knee joint instead of pumping fluid, video: