How quickly comes the swelling of the quinta

It develops extremely fast, indeed, the best first aid is the call of the SMP brigade, but there is still a time-tested reflex method - legs in a basin with hot water.

With swelling of the larynx, hoarseness is first observedvoice barking cough, the child becomes difficult to breathe. The skin of the face at first turns blue, and then sharply turns pale. Laryngeal edema of mild and moderate severity can last from 1 hour to 1 day, rarely - longer.
So, the first thing to do, if possible, is to stop contact with the allergen (remove the insect sting, stop the injection). put the baby and lift his limbs.
Above the site of the bite or the administration of the medicine, apply a tourniquet (in the event that a bite or injection has been made in the arm or leg). In place of the bite, you can put a cold compress.
Give your child plenty of room temperatureto improve microcirculation and removal of the allergen from the body (for children from 3 years old, not suffering from metabolic diseases, give an alkaline drink: 1-2% solution of baking soda (1 g of soda per 1 liter of water.) Borjomi or narzan.
To remove the remnants of the allergen from the bodyYou can give sorbents: a suspension of activated charcoal (for children under 3 years old crush 5 tablets and mix thoroughly in a glass of water). smektu (1 sachet for children under 1 year, 2 sachets 2 times a day for children 2-3 years). Enterosgel (1 teaspoon for children under 1 year, 2 teaspoons - for children 1-3 years).
Give the child fenistil - antiallergicdrug in droplets (in age doses). Special care should be taken when giving the drug to babies under 1 year. If the child is 2 years old, you can give him klaritin (2.5 mg (2.5 ml syrup or 1/4 tablet) fenkarol (for children 2 to 3 years - 0,005 mg).

Attention! Before using any medication, consult a doctor who knows the individual characteristics of your child.
The doctor of "first aid" at appearance of signsdifficulty breathing, change in complexion (cyanotic, then pale) will introduce prednisolone intramuscularly at the rate of 2-3 mg / kg body weight. Usually the mother of a child who already had similar conditions (more often with an hereditary form of the disease). stores prednisolone in his medicine cabinet. It is necessary to ask in detail the family or children's doctor about the method of administering the drug when the first signs of suffocation appear, the doctor should show the parents how and where the medicine is administered. Parents for self-administration are more often recommended by intramuscular injection.
Immediately hospitalize the child to providehe resuscitation in a hospital. Even if all symptoms are stopped on the spot, doctors will insist on hospitalization, taking into account the age of the child and the need to monitor him, as well as to find out the reason that led to the development of Quincke's edema.

Quincke's swelling comes quickly. Death can come in minutes. Immediately call an ambulance. Sometimes the swallowing of ice helps. Intubation is unlikely to be achieved, before the arrival of the ambulance, if it turns blue and dies, you can tracheotomy ("incision of the throat"), insert into the incision something solid (say, a ballpoint pen without a rod to allow air to pass through). Afraid of infection is not necessary - cope in intensive care. Hold a closed massage (stop the dying person with his back on the hard one, sit on him, without bending his arms in the elbows to press every 3-4 seconds on the bottom third of the sternum). Sometimes helps to lubricate the pharynx with ephedrine (it narrows the blood vessels and slows the development of edema). And so before the arrival of the ambulance.

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