How to relieve edema of the lower eyelid

Alya Pupil (103), on a vote 3 years ago

My grandmother died the other day (my mother's mother). Naturally, tears, experiences. My mother suffered a lot of stress, crying a lot. The eyelids are swollen eyelids and swelling under the eyes. Tell me how to get her a healthy face? How to keep it in shape? After all, there are still 9 and 40 days ahead. I myself am, but my mother wants to help. And I would also like to ask what to do, does her lower pressure jump? We try to distract, but when you wake up crying, and then the pressure in the night rises. Thanks to everyone who answers.

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Gala Guru (4723) 3 years ago

Two teaspoons in the freezer for a couple of minutes, and then for ever. It's better to do it in the morning.

Yulia Timoshenko Artificial Intelligence (220361) 3 years ago

Contrasting lotions. I do not know how to look at the eyes, and my familiar doctor advises any swelling to take off with napkins soaked in salt water and refrigerated in the freezer. One napkin to soak in hot water, attach, then salted cold from the freezer. And so in turn several times. But I'm afraid my eyes will burn. Although you can soak in the broth of chamomile or strong tea and freeze. Try it. And another soothing is needed. Antidepressants. Go to the district neurologist, let him write it out. It is very difficult to cope in such a situation without medication. At me one familiar daughter has buried small, to her the banal valerian in tablets was enough, she, the truth to the proof result long accepted it, couple of months. But I think that you can write something harder.