How to relieve swelling of the maxillary sinuses

Treatment of sinusitis in the home can becomeAn excellent alternative to surgical intervention. As you know, it is the sinus puncture that is the most common way of treating this disease for our doctors. This procedure is quite unpleasant and painful.

In this case, many patients have to worry notone such operation for several years. On the other hand, today there are a large number of treatments available at home that will help you forget about the disease once and for all.

It should be noted that with the diagnosis of maxillary sinusitis home treatment is quite possible and gives a good effect. However, in especially neglected cases, only surgical intervention remains, so It is recommended to begin treatment without delaying. with the appearance of the first symptoms. In addition, independent treatment can begin only after a mandatory consultation with a doctor.

To understand how to cure sinusitis in the homeconditions, it is necessary to study and find the most accessible and effective methods. More often than not, these are courses of therapy combining a medicamental factor and treatment with folk remedies.

The main areas of therapy are:

  • Suppression of inflammatory processes in the maxillary sinuses,
  • elimination of swelling of the mucous sinuses,
  • withdrawal of mucus and a decrease in pressure in the sinuses,
  • suppression of inflammation in the nasal cavity,
  • sedative effect on the mucous membrane of the sinuses, designed to reduce the formation of inflammatory secretions.

For self-therapy, you can usepharmacies, as well as to treat the genyantritis with folk remedies at home. When choosing funds and drugs, it is important to understand that the disease can have a different nature, which it is practically impossible to establish independently. That is why before treating sinusitis at home, it is necessary in each case to agree on a treatment scheme with a doctor.

Sinusitis can be provoked by a bacterial, viral and fungal infection. The list of medicines and treatment regimen can depend on the form of the disease - chronic sinusitis is more difficult to treat.

For this purpose, appropriate drugs are usually prescribed (antibiotics, antiviral or antifungal drugs).

The most common is sinusitis,associated with a bacterial infection. Accordingly, antibiotics are most commonly prescribed. But it is impossible to choose them yourself, without an appointment, since antibiotics do not help with viral and fungal sinusitis.

A course of antibiotics is usually prescribed with an averageor severe form of sinusitis and lasts at least 7 days. Treatment of chronic sinusitis in the home, especially in its advanced form, often requires at least 14 days of antibiotics. The choice of drug depends on a number of individual characteristics, therefore, it is necessary to rely on the opinion of a specialist.

Viral infection can pass on its ownwithin 10-14 days. But this does not mean that you can let the disease take its course. Sinusitis, which is not cured in time, may well remain with you for many years.

Abduction of inflammatory secretions from maxillarysinuses is one of the prerequisites for the successful treatment of sinusitis. Removing mucus allows you to eliminate excess pressure and get rid of most of the symptoms of the disease, and also prevents the further spread of the disease.

In cases where the treatment is chronic or acute sinusitis treatment at home, you can use washing.

This is the most affordable way to discharge inflammatory secretion, especially if special solutions are used. Washing is performed with the head tilted forward at an angle of 45 degrees.

Methods of washing the nasal cavity and maxillary sinuses:

  • the introduction of the solution with a syringe -the tip is inserted into the nostrils approximately one centimeter perpendicular to the face, then the solution is injected in small portions (3-5 times) with a gradual increase in effort, at the end of this series it is necessary to clear the nose,
  • retracting the solution through a tube with a diameter of 5-10 mm - the solution is drawn in through the nose and spits,
  • the easiest way - the solution is typed in the palm and is drawn in through the nose.

Rinsing the nasal cavity is not less than 2-4once a day for 1-2 weeks. The temperature of the solution should be in the range of 38-40 degrees. For this procedure, solutions can be used on the basis of various means and preparations.

When choosing a method of washing it is important to remember thatYou can not perform the procedure if you have a stuffy nose. Therefore, either blow your nose thoroughly, or use preparations for relieving congestion. Otherwise, you are more likely to harm by washing than to benefit.

The most accessible and effective recipes for the preparation of solutions for washing:

  • Sea salt - a glass of boiled water a teaspoon of salt. The most common solution recommended in most cases for use in alternation with other solutions.
  • Green tea infused for 15-20 minutes.
  • Infusion of Hypericum, prepared in proportion: tablespoon of herbs in a glass of boiling water. Infused 20-30 minutes. The same recipe for washing the nose can be prepared as an infusion of black currant leaves, succession, calendula.
  • Chamomile decoction. The grass is poured with raw water in the ratio of 1/10, brought to a boil, and cooked over low heat with constant stirring for 30 minutes. On a glass of broth, you can add a tablespoon of honey. According to the same recipe, a decoction of oak bark can be prepared.
  • Collection of herbs Elecasol, prepared according to the instructions.
  • A solution of furatsilina or potassium permanganate.

Treatment of sinusitis, especially with mild to moderatecomplexity of the disease, quite successfully carried out using traditional recipes. Most of these recipes include simple and affordable ingredients. The compositions prepared on their basis, contribute to the discharge of mucus from the maxillary sinuses, help to relieve swelling and inflammation.

Effective treatment of sinusitis at homepossibly with the help of yarrow infusion or hypericum, which is excellent for reducing the formation of mucus and is recommended in the presence of thick serous secretions.

For cooking, one canteen is takenspoon of yarrow or hypericum in a glass of boiling water - the crushed plant is filled with boiling water and infused for 20 minutes. Filtered infusion is taken orally for half a glass 2-3 times a day, the course of treatment lasts one to two weeks.

Another effective folk remedy for sinusitis is taken in the form of drops. For their preparation, blue onion juice, potato juice and melted honey are taken in equal proportions.

The mixture is stored in the refrigerator, it is necessary to warm it up before instillation into the nose, and it is recommended to carry out the instillation 3 times a day - in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening.

Such drops give an excellent effect in combination with rinsing the nose with a mixture of beet juice and salted water (beet juice can also be replaced with lemon juice, decoction of sage chamomile).

To reduce inflammation of the nasal mucosa andimproved discharge of inflammatory secretions in the sinuses and the nasal cavity, you must enter drugs. This is done by instillation immediately after washing the nose. It is necessary to dig in medicines in a prone position. In this case, the head should be folded back and slightly turned in the direction of the inflamed sinus.

For digging can be used variousanti-inflammatory drugs and antiseptics. This includes furatsilin, a solution of pink manganese, an aqueous solution of decamethoxin, iodinol, ekteritsid, microcide, etc. Drugs are administered in 10-30 drops. After a few minutes you need to take a few deep breaths and strong exhalations, pressing the opposite nostril with your finger.

After this procedure, it is recommended to calmly lie down for about 5 minutes and irrigate the nasal cavity with Dr. Tais spray, ingalipt or sinuforte.

For removing mucus, it is better to usefinished products. But you can find and how to treat sinusitis at home exclusively folk remedies. Pharmaceutical aerosols are easy to replace with swabs dipped in special mixtures that are inserted into the nostrils for 20-30 minutes.

  • Heat a mixture of honey and cream in a water bath.oil and soap, taken in half a teaspoon. After dissolving the mixture, add half a teaspoon of alcohol and onion juice to it. Due to the irritation of the mucous glands, this composition contributes to the removal of a thick inflammatory secretion. Tampons with such a composition are set for about 5 days, after which you can proceed to the next one.
  • To prepare the mixture, take one teaspoon of aloe juice, honey and egg white, as well as half a teaspoon of onion juice. The mixture is stored in the refrigerator for up to 4 days, applied warmed.
  • In equal proportions is taken the juice of carrots, beets, onions, aloe juice and honey. The composition is stored in the refrigerator for up to 5 days, applied warmed.

For the treatment of chronic sinusitis can alsouse the composition of aloe juice, cyclamen and kalanchoe, taken one teaspoon, as well as Vishnevsky ointment and honey (1 tablespoon). Tampons with this composition put in the nose for 20-30 minutes twice a day. For effective treatment, the course must last at least 20 days.

A good way to relieve inflammation of the nasal mucosa, used in the home treatment of sinusitis, can be called special compresses that are applied to the sinus area.

Compresses are recommended after administration.medication and removing tampons from the nose. Treatment of sinusitis home remedies without visiting the pharmacy can be carried out using a variety of effective compositions for the preparation of compresses.

Before applying the compress, make sureThat you do not harm yourself: this procedure can be performed only at the stage of recovery. If sinusitis has just begun, the heat will contribute to the development of inflammation.

The most popular formulations for compresses for sinus are as follows:

In the first case, prepared (minimized ina few layers of gauze or bandage of the appropriate size is moistened with black radish juice, and then with vegetable oil heated slightly above room temperature. Compress is applied to the maxillary sinuses, and bags with heated salt are superimposed on top. Compress is applied 2 times a day for 1 hour for adults and 30 minutes for children.

The following compress is prepared on the basis ofgrated propolis mixed with thick honey in equal shares. From this mixture it is necessary to make a cake that is applied to the maxillary sinus and secured with adhesive tape. Apply such a compress before bed for the whole night. It is excellent for the removal of the dense contents of the sinuses and is a good remedy for the treatment of sinusitis.

For the treatment of chronic sinusitis can takeseveral large bay leaves, pour them with water and bring to a boil. After that, a piece of clean, soft matter is moistened in the broth, which is applied to the area of ​​the diseased sinus and covered with a warm cloth (this is how long the heat remains).

The compress is held until the matter iscool down The course of treatment consists of 6 procedures that are best performed at bedtime - this also allows you to provide a more comfortable and restful sleep, thanks to cleared sinuses.

For improved abduction of inflammatory secretionsfrom the cavity of the maxillary sinuses warming up well helps. However, it is important to consider that only dry heat should be used. Any wet inhalation for sinus is not recommended.

To get dry heat you can usea variety of methods and tools available in the domestic environment. In particular, it can be heated coarse salt (sea or cook), a hot boiled egg or potatoes, applied to the sinus area.

However, the best way to warm isblue lamp or Minin reflector. The blue lamp perfectly shines through the skin, which improves the heating of the sinuses, helps to relieve swelling and eases the condition of the patient as a whole.

The optimal course consists of 2-3 procedures during the day. Each heating should be continued from 15 minutes to half an hour. Children are usually given warming up for 15 minutes.

In conclusion, it is necessary to once again note that antritis is a rather serious disease. therefore Before starting any treatment, you should consult with the otolaryngologist .