Edema of the lower eyelid causes treatment

Such an unpleasant problem - swelling of eyelids.

The cause of edema is subcutaneous tissuecentury, it is here that excessive fluid accumulates, which causes the effect of ugly, puffy eyes. The pastosity and puffiness of the delicate skin around the eyes appears due to the fact that the stretching and elasticity of the tissue is reduced, and the muscles around the eyes are weakened.

Sometimes the fat that accumulates around the eyeorbit, can no longer be held by the delicate skin of the eyelids and then it begins to bulge outward, and has the appearance of a fold or "sack." Such a fold in medicine is called a "hernia".

Hernia hernia can be eliminated both in the cosmetic room and by surgical intervention.

Causes that are easy to avoid.

Edema of the eyelids, "bags" under the eyes, hernias of the upper andlower eyelids also appear from lack of sleep, mental overwork, frequent physical fatigue, depression. And more: improper nutrition, excessive fluid intake. "Sacks" and swelling can be from kidney, stomach and heart disease, gynecological and other diseases.

Often the eyelids swell in winter. This is due to the fact that snow in winter increases the brightness of the snow. In this case, the eyelids become swollen, inflamed, the eyes turn red and watery. You can avoid troubles if you have sunglasses on hand.

Traditional medicine to help tired centuries ...

From puffiness will help wash the eyes. To do this, prepare a warm solution of boric acid: half a teaspoon of boron for half a glass of water boiled. A tea solution will also help. After washing, the eyes should be dried, and then lubricated with ointment of hydrocortisone or ordinary greens. Only in green it will be necessary to add 10 drops of oil castor oil.

Eliminate eyelid edema will help everyday short-term rubbing of the areas near the eyes with ice

And more to the aid of a few tips ...

"Sacks" will be removed: massage, cryomassage with liquid nitrogen, darsonvalization, as well as toning, hormonal and vitamin masks, especially paraffin masks.

The lightest and most effective are masks made from raw potatoes, from it are compresses and lotions.