Edema in the corner of the upper eyelid

ophthalmologist January 29, 2016 / Tatiana / Voronezh

Good afternoon. Your advice is very necessary. To my mum from a hypertension have written out preparations gipotiazid and amlodipinum. After she began to take them, I had a lacrimation, ... open

January 30, 2016 / Rozhkova NG ......

lacrimal duct pathology of the nasal mucosa (polyps, sinusitis, edema nasal mucosa, rhinitis) a violation of the correct position of the eyelids. trying to wipe the patient's eye with ptosis the uppercenturies traumatizes the skin centuries and gradually exacerbates the available eversion that. look

ophthalmologist January 23, 2014 / Maria / Yuzhnoukrainsk

he prescribed dry heat. after heating eyelid edema and edema was like a tumor on the eye - he. in three days the swelling (in the lower corner the uppercenturies ) did not pass and there was a rod. just do not have the strength to heal already eyelid. and sorry for the child who walks with month. open

ophthalmologist May 15, 2013 / Tatiana / Oxford, United Kingdom

back after severe stress I had a strong edema right-wing the uppercenturies. The Albucid Day has been digested and that's it. redness of only one the uppercenturies. Do not fester, do not snatch, eyeball and lower eyelid clean. Now it happens quite often. open

I noticed that the inner corner the uppercenturies on the left eye a little swelling (or edema ). Pain was not, only a little discomfort - I wanted to raise eyelid. how to bring it back into place. This swelling is in. open

hit her face. Broken eyebrow and very strong edema eyes. Mom immediately treated the bruise. hour smeared with heparin ointment. As a result, the upper eyelid turned blue and swollen, my grandmother can not. in this case, treat the bruise and edemathe uppercenturies and the better it is to do it. open

Over the course of several months, redness of the skin appears periodically the uppercenturies. swelling, skin coarsening, after redness and edema go (through the days), eyelid begins to peel off. In this case, the eye itself does not blush. open

Hello! My daughter is 4 months old. On the second day after childbirth, she appeared edemathe uppercenturies on the left eye, because of this eyelid Do not close your eyes even when the baby is sleeping. Went to the oculist first to us. open

poked his finger), a small edemathe uppercenturies. which soon passed by himself. oculist - diagnosed with conjunctivitis. Treated, and edema repeated. After several repeated calls. The left, then the right eyelid (left often and stronger than right.

Weeks are heavy and light edemathe uppercenturies right eye. Puffiness appears. changing the position of the head). In this case eyelid presses on the eye. When I look. moist (but without lacrimation). Redness centuries no. red eyes are not. Soreness. open

On June 15th, blepharoplasty was performed the upper left centuries , in some strange way. on. is closed by one third) before surgery eyelid could move to the left. nor any discomfort. And after surgery when edema slept, ptosis intensified and became visible in. open