Swelling on the lip from shock

Date of the message: 01/15/2013 20:01

Actually, there was a small scuffle, duringwhich I heroically took upon myself 2 blows on the face, in the area of ​​the nose. The nose is in order, although the bridge of the nose aches a bit, if you touch it. But my lower lip was less fortunate. From the inside of the lip, I had a small wound (I bit chtoli?). Very small, but on the 2nd day the lip was quite noticeably swollen and began to itch. I blame myself for not immediately realizing the ice, it's probably useless now (1 day passed). Prompt approximately, through how much it will pass or take place itself and that it is possible to make to accelerate this process, and that in school as that is bashful with a swelled up upper lip to go.

Date of the message: 01/15/2013 20:02

I apologize, the upper lip, the upper

Date of the message: 01/16/2013 08:39

Chief physician of the clinic "VIP-Stomatology" t. (8412) 52-21-68

If it is an edema, then on day 2-3 it must go. If the hematoma - not less than a week, depends on the size.

Date of the message: 02/25/2013 06:52

Hello! I'm sorry to repeat the question of Oleg. I have about the same problem.

Yesterday, on a football training session, I got a strongkick the ball in the face, resulting in 20-30 minutes of swollen lips. There was no ice, no cold water at hand, and he himself did not attach much importance to this, and hoped that by morning everything would be all right. But not not. Edema remained the same. There is no hemorrhage.

Tell me, please, what to do? And how to determine: is it worth contacting a local polyclinic or can you get rid of this "disorder" yourself? I do not want to launch injuries, I was convinced on my own experience.

Date of the message: 02/25/2013 09:51

Chief physician of the clinic "VIP-Stomatology" t. (8412) 52-21-68

The answer is the same. If it turns out that this hematoma may need to be preventive therapy, of course, according to prescription and under the supervision of a doctor.