Edema and peeling of the upper eyelid

Tatiana, 54, Kyiv, Ukraine

Question: Hello, Sergey Vadimovich.
I'm worried about the recurrentDuring the last year, swelling of the eyes. First there is an itch, then the upper eyelids swell, then the swelling goes down. The skin of the eyelids becomes very dry, peeling and cracking, the eyes do not fully open, the contact of the eyelids causes pain.
It started when I was in the hospital withneurology: dizziness, blood pressure jumps. Defined osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, protrusion of 3-5 vertebrae, encephalopathy. During treatment, the eyes swelled twice - they wrote off allergies and received medications.
Now with a head and pressure more or lessfine. Of the drugs I constantly take only the cardiomagnet. But the swelling of the eyes is repeated. They are always unexpected and the intervals between cases are reduced. At this time I drink loratadine. It slightly relieves itching, but does not give much relief. Symptoms go through the days after 7-10 and for some time the skin around the eyes looks even better than before - rejuvenated. And then again. Neurologists say that this is not their disease. I do not know to whom to address. I am hope for your help. Thank you

Answer: Hello, Tatyana! Most likely, these are allergic manifestations, although neurodermatitis is not excluded. To start treatment, take homeopathic medicines - Graphite 6 - 5 granules outside the food every morning, and Apis 12 - 1 granule per night, can be long.

Question: Hello, Sergey Vadimovich!
Thank you for your reply. I carry out your recommendations from 11/12/2011. The ophthalmologist has advised to be checked up on a demodex. Today the diagnosis was confirmed laboratory - demodectic eyelids. To date, there is almost no edema. the eyes are very itchy, the eyelids are baked, flaky. Worse at night, almost do not sleep - it's very itchy. No drops help. Day too bad - the feeling that everyone is looking at me. Kind of really like I was beaten. Depression. I assume that the triggering mechanism of this process was the removal a year ago of warts on the eyelids. I did it myself, burning with extract of celandine. Maybe I'm wrong. Or maybe it was not condylomas - some growths on the eyelids, began to appear several years ago.
From 17.11.2011 (without waiting for the result of the analysis) began to be treated externally - "Glikodem". It seems a little easier, but I can not say for certain yet. I have no problems with the digestive tract. Graphite and Apis I accept.
I ask for your advice. I hope for help. Thank you.

Answer: Hello, Tatyana! Instead of Apis, take a homeopathic remedy - Hininum sulfuricum 6 - 5 pellets of food every day for the night. Treatment with ointments interferes with the action of homeopathic medicines.