Edema of the upper eyelid after the dysport

According to long-term statistics of Allerganand Ipsen, there were no cases of anaphylactic reactions after botox injections and disportation, although individual patients experienced allergic reactions to human albumin, which is part of the drugs. In the literature, there are no data on any serious complications after using botulinum toxin for cosmetic indications, but individual cases of slight nausea, headache and influenza-like symptoms are described. You can expect the appearance of local symptoms such as pain at the injection site, a slight reddening, bleeding (bruising) and transient hypodesia (a decrease in sensitivity to irritants).

Some side effects are associated with techniqueadministration of the drug. Approximately 5% of cases after botulinum toxin injections, local tenderness and hemorrhage can occur. Among the main complications, the most unpleasant is the ptosis of the upper eyelid (less than 1%). Ptosis of eyebrows is more common in elderly patients, which is associated with muscle weakness and gravitational ptosis of the upper third of the face. Puffiness of the periorbital region is more typical for persons prone to edema and having hernia of the eyelids. In 2-5% of cases after the procedure, short-term headaches are noted. However, with the doctor's observation of the correct technique and the choice of dosages, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient, complications are extremely rare.

There is also a positive side effect. Many doctors, who have practiced this method for a long time, note that after treatment with botulinum toxin, the wrinkles of the upper third of the face in some patients suffering from headaches are significantly relieved. An interesting coincidence: most injection points recommended by D. and A. Carruthers correspond to acupuncture points used to treat headaches. Probably, botulinum toxin-induced muscle relaxation plays a role in interrupting the pathophysiological chain of headache development.
And yet - the side effects in different places of toxin administration differ, but they are always completely reversible.