Edema after abdominal surgery

First day after abdominoplasty. the patient spends in the clinic. During the day, drugs are introduced that improve overall health and reduce pain. A nearby nurse will help you get out of anesthesia and tell you how to behave right after the operation. Painful sensations, after the plasticity of the abdomen, may intensify after physical exertion (coughing, walking), therefore, rest for several days is necessary. Therefore, many patients remain in the clinic for two days after the plasticity of the abdomen. After the lapse of 1-2 days after abdominoplasty, the pain sensations tend to decrease rather quickly, and a slight discomfort is felt mostly only during movements. In the next few days after the operation, there will be drainage tubes, along which the wounded discharge is removed. During the first three weeks after abdominal plastic surgery You must constantly wear specialcompression bandage. It is necessary for a good wound healing and after 3-4 weeks it can be removed. As for physical activity, it is possible to get up and move the next day after the operation, but it is recommended to abstain from considerable physical activity for at least one month.

Within 2-3 weeks after the operation on the stomachwill be preserved edema and bruises (bruises). Significantly accelerates the process of rehabilitation of lymph drainage and LPG procedures. Within a few months, it is advisable to take care of the post-operative scar using special gels. It is advisable that the first six months after abdominal plastic The scar did not get sun rays, for this it is necessary to seal it with a special plaster or cover with sunscreen with a high protective factor.

The final result of abdominal plastic - a flat and beautiful belly - can usually be estimated only 6-12 months after the operation.

Possible complications and risk of abdominoplasty