How to relieve swelling in the ears

Stuffing of the ear - this is an unpleasant phenomenon, which occurs quite often. This feeling is manifested tinnitus. weight in the head. and deafness. This body can lay down for some reason. For example, the result ear colds I can be inflammation of the middle ear. obstruction after bathing. rise or lowering of pressure in the cavity of the middle ear. the formation of sulfur plugs. In addition, a rumor can arise as a result of takeoff and landing of the aircraft, as well as when diving to depth. It is possible that the cause of the inflammatory process may be swelling of the auditory tube. runny nose. presence of foreign bodies and ingress of water. How to remove the stuffiness of the ear? You will learn about this after reading the instructions given below.

- to pass examination at ENT-doctor ;
- carry out preventive measures;
- use complex treatment.

  • If the situation is not critical, you can try treatment at home. If you are sure that you got inside liquid or you have a tendency to frequent occurrence ear sulfuric plugs. you can use the methods listed below.
  • If water enters the ear canals and does not go out,You need to jump on one foot urgently, bending your head toward the pledged ear. Most often this is enough to "wipe out" the liquid that has got inside. Hearing immediately recover.
  • If the cause of congestion has become sulfur plug . you can drop it hydrogen peroxide in ear. Usually just enough one or two drops. Within a few seconds, peroxide, dissolving sulfur, will start to foam. The sulfur plug will dissolve and the hearing will recover. If there is no hydrogen peroxide in the house, you can use olive oil or glycerol. One of these means, which is present in the house, needs to be heated and dripped inside. For this procedure, just enough 2-3 drops. Heated glycerin or oil should soften the sulfur plug. Across 4-5 minutes you need to take the cotton swabs and clean the ear. You can also remove the sulfur plug in the shower, using hot water. You just need to hold 15-20 minutes in the shower. This will help soften the sulfur and reduce unpleasant pain.
  • Remove ear stiffness during takeoff . arising from pressure drops. will help the usual chewing gum. In the oral cavity, with constant chewing, the amount of saliva increases, which will make you swallow more often. This process will help relieve pressure in the ear canal.
  • During a runny nose, it is prohibited to blow your nose, closingboth nostrils, otherwise the mucus that is in the nasopharynx can get into the ear and cause an inflammatory process. When you blow your nose, you need to keep your mouth open.
  • If you feel severe pain while treating the ears, you can take antihistamines . If the pain does not pass, it is better to immediately consult a doctor, without waiting until complications arise.