How much the edema subsides after a fracture

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Hello! I had a fracture of the tibia with not a significant offset so one doctor said. Another looking at the picture determined a fracture of the ankle. The fracture was 10.05 langet taken off 19.06, took a snapshot of everything grew together, gave five days for recovery and was discharged to work. My leg is very swollen during the day, which makes movement very difficult. At discharge, the doctor said that I do not need any procedures and fixation with an elastic bandage, just walk more. But two weeks later the swelling subsides after a night rest. What should I do in this situation? Can to me to address again to the doctor? But to what? Wrote me a traumatologist.

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Swelling of the tissues can persist for a long time. It is possible to process locally ointment Dolobeni. If possible, then take a course of physiotherapy