Edema after surgery on the neck

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Please share information about howthere must be a seam after the operation. To the son 6 months ago operation has been made ... He at us also also was extended, because for us during operation we installed a pacemaker. and here is that cut that the seam

approximately on the sixth day after the operation. The skin of the eyelids heals even faster, and the seams from this site can be removed already ... in the afternoon, sometimes up to three months after the operation. For the head and neck area, a bandage for such a long period is not required, he

This operation is quite complicated, it is donefew surgeons. Postoperative period. As a rule, there is swelling after the operation, bruises appear on the neck, these unpleasant sensations can be reduced by taking medications prescribed by the surgeon.

I think he'll figure it out better what he's got. ) That's just for me, the scar that remains after the operation is a serious question, and for the surgeon the next one ... I have a seam on my neck cm. 5-8, the operation was on the lead of the shield. Shovchik is completely invisible.

They are not allowed to lie down. On the 7th day they will remove the stitches and let them go home. Two weeks after the operation, the legs have to be bandaged with elastic bandages ... One says the other should not be necessary. Girls and whom the operation was done for a long time was on the neck and pulled my neck already

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The result of the operation will be a seam on the neck,rather big such Question at me such: as a neck - a place on a kind, it would be desirable to minimize visibility of a scar. ... I have an oooochen large scar, neat, but large, the infection after the operation went to

Let's start with the dictionary. A knot is what the doctor probes on the neck. Adenoma-a BENEFICIAL monoclonal tumor (i.e. due to impaired ... I was advised by a surgeon 3 weeks after the operation to smear the seam with contractubex 2 times a day.

The advantages of a delayed seam is a smallerthe risk of infectious complications after surgery; easier to determine the boundaries of the necessary resection of the nerve, because in ... The common carotid artery is the main trunk vessel located on the neck.

2. How quickly will the tumor fall off after the suture? (next to the foot, close to the neck) Recorded. kris. ... But then the fake was, walking uncomfortable, sitting, lying) Not so much time since the operation was over.

And the fact that 7 years ago I was sewn up a neck - a seam 8cm, there was also a lot of skin tension - but the wound was flowing a few ... It was important for me to hear - is it normal that after 26 days after the operation the wound does not heal not what is final, but even no signs.