What to do to get swelling

Tell me what can I do to get the swelling?

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After a stroke, my leg turned blue, ultrasound was done: UZ signs of venous thrombosis right to the level of the proximal OBV (thrombus does not float, is freely located in the vein, shifts,) initial recanalization. Perforated veins: insolvent in n3 tibia to the right. Surface veins: the inconsistency of the inflows of BDPV on the tibia from both sides. At first, there was no swelling, while bed rest was observed. Now in the sitting position, the foot began to swell and the skin cracked, bubbles appeared and fluid leaked out. Accepts detraleks and cardiomagnesium 75 mg 2 r. In a day. Tell me what can I do to get the swelling?

Hello Marina! Thrombosis of the deep veins of the lower extremities is very serious. It can be the cause of thromboembolism. Treatment should be conducted under the supervision of a phlebologist. In addition to medicinal treatment, you are shown the wearing of compression linen, the elevated position of the affected limb, the reduction in the time spent in a sitting position (air travel is especially undesirable). Recanalization of thrombus occurs within a few months. As the recanalization and development of collaterals will decrease edema. This happens within a few months. Completely swelling may not go away.

ANSWERED: 02/11/2014 Krasilnikov Andrey Viktorovich Samara 0.0 Head of the center. Surgeon-phlebologist, ultrasound diagnostician

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Good afternoon! I would like to know if the reticular varicose veins go into varicose veins? The fact is that I did ultrasound n. K. Diagnosis - trunk veins without pathologies, but I'm worried about the appearance of the legs. There are sosudiki (on the feet, on the hips, near the knees), on all legs clearly visible under the skin of the blue veins (before this was not). The doctor said to drink Detraleks, wear a comp. Stockings 1 degree. I do not know whether to do it the way a doctor says or not. The parents do not have varicose veins, maybe only the reticular mother.

My uncle is 38 years old, after using narcotic
substance fell at home in the bathroom on his side and lost consciousness at 10
hours. When I came to, I noticed the appearance
pain in the left leg, the appearance of a pronounced edema from
feet to the upper third of the left thigh, blisters with a transparent
contained on the surface of the skin of this leg. What can he have, how to treat it and how to provide first aid in such a situation?

Hello, I just turned 17, andI already have venous / vascular sprouts on my legs (purple, short, in different places of the legs and on my hands), the skin itself is very light, the veins are visible slightly, but not so much earlier. Began to notice all this after she began to go to the gym (I wanted more muscle mass), the coach pulled me up. Tell me, what is the reason for all this? Can I get rid of venous and vascular asterisks without surgery?

Hello. I have a small question. The caviar of the left leg began to swell. She had an ultrasound of the veins of her lower limbs. The conclusion: an inconsistent perforating vein of Kokketa of the left anticnemion, the width of the lumen is 3 mm. What does this mean and do you need urgent consultation phlebologist. Thankful in advance for the answer.

Hello, Eight years after the stroke, I do notI know if I'm treating this doctor or not, I'm concerned about such symptoms, but I'll start to fall asleep, but alas I have to go up, my pressure drops sharply 97/68 Hg. C, arm and leg they are paralyzed, it becomes cold, the skin from above is somehow not like a pile, to sleep it is necessary to squeeze, smooth, massage to bring to life and so several times a night as a result and there is no time to sleep, and in the afternoon if you want to doze the same is obtained.

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