When the swelling subsides after delivery

Edema is one of the most commonconsequences after the procedure of tooth extraction and it happens like that quite often, but it should only go through it yourself in two to three days, but if it does not happen or even vice versa - the swelling also increases, then it will be necessary to see a doctor, because it is quite possible , that you have some kind of inflammation.

Sivs September 23, 2012

There should not be any edema at all. If there is swelling, then there the inflammation continues. Can rinse the doctor appoint or pill antibiotics. There are situations when immediately after tooth extraction it is necessary to drink antibiotics.
As the dentist told me, it's normal as soon as the anesthesia has left - no pain and puffiness should exist at all.
The tooth is removed - what to become inflamed? So the pieces of the root were left or the food in the hole hit and does not heal the wound.

Alice September 23, 2012

With a high-quality removal operationtooth edema should not be. Even if swelling occurs, it usually goes away after 2-3 days. You need to see a doctor as soon as possible. Only he can identify the true cause of the tumor. It is possible that the tumor can be associated with an allergic reaction to the anesthetic used.