Swelling and pain in the heel

Attacks on the feet - this is often frequentthe problem of modern girls. Many forget that legs also need daily care, as well as hair or nails. We offer to consider how medicamentous and popular treatment of spurs on the heels is carried out, what medicines are needed to get rid of the disease, and also the prevention of this unpleasant phenomenon.

Spur is a growth in the bone on the legs, treatmentwhich should be carried out under the strict supervision of medical personnel. According to stereotypes, the protrusion appears in lovers of high heels or obese girls. In fact, more often, those who walk on low speed (flops, slaps, etc.) and people after 30 years suffer from an ailment.

Before beginning treatment of the disease at home,it is necessary to consult a specialized surgeon. The fact is that the heel spur is often confused with a wart: the stem outgrowths on the legs have approximately the same symptoms as the bone:

  1. A sharp pain in his leg when walking, after prolonged sitting;
  2. Redness of the heel;
  3. Discomfort when wearing orthopedic shoes;
  4. Swelling of the feet.

Initially, you begin to notice pain in the heel, after swelling and difficulty in moving, after the stop begins to show you - it's time to start treating spurs.

Modern techniques, which can be used at home to get rid of the spur, a lot. They can be divided into the following groups:

  1. Drug treatment;
  2. Folk recipes;
  3. Hardware options;
  4. Operative intervention.

Professional medicine mainly usesa variety of local remedies: painkillers and disinfectants ointments and creams. Although some doctors recommend also to drink special pills. Doublofenac and indomethacin ointments are the undoubted leaders of the heel spur self-treatment. These tools are quite accessible and have an excellent effect.

To get rid of the problem once and for all,you need to rub three times a day into the affected area of ​​the chosen medicine, with a pre-properly rip out the skin. Heat the water to the temperature in which you usually soar your feet with a cold, preferably use a herbal decoction (chamomile, oak bark, mint, sage, etc.). After depending on the instructions, wipe or not feet, and apply active movements on the heels of the spur zone cream or ointment. Do not exert too much pressure, it is better to conduct several times on the sick zone, after the procedure, wrap the legs in polyethylene and a towel. It is desirable to withstand such a compress for at least a couple of hours, during this time the epidermis will become softer and stop ache. Continue to impact for two weeks, after this time the spur will become less noticeable or disappear altogether. You will see the first results in seven days.

A very interesting and effective way to curespur - to make an injection in the joint of the heel. Here you can not cope on your own (if you do not have experience or medical education). In this zone, a strong antibiotic is injected, which anesthetizes and softens the tissues, afterwards the spur becomes small and is not felt at all.

Drugs for the treatment of spurs on the heels of compulsoryProfessionals should be appointed; in each case, you need an individual approach. For example, if you do not have the oldest form of the disease, then you can try even a band-aid. This method works on the principle of Chinese medicine - it activates certain points on the heel, which help reduce the pain, remove the swelling and cure the build-up. On average, 15 to 20 patches will be needed for treatment.

Often treated with deep spurs onheels with medical bile and iodine. This is a pretty tough option, so be careful. It is necessary to connect a few drops of iodine, a spoonful of bile and a spoonful of any soap or shampoo. Spread the mass on the spur, wrap the foot and wait 1-2 hours.

Video: a simple method of treating plantar fasciitis

Treatment of the spur on the heel with medication is not alwaysIt justifies itself: it's expensive, long and sometimes dangerous (allergic reactions, inflammations). For hundreds of years our ancestors used to get rid of this ailment with various improvised means.

Many experts recommend usingdifferent techniques in a complex, so you accelerate recovery and save time. Of course, do not combine ointments and poultices at the same time, try to act gently.

Popular popular recipes for treating spurs on heels:

  1. Nut You need to grind it with a mortar or a blender. We recommend using green fruits, they are softer and more effective. After that, we put the mass on the damaged place for several hours, as well as the ointment. Apply every day;
  2. Often folk medicine uses spurs on the heels onion infusion. You will need to pour 200 grams of peeled onions500 ml of pure alcohol. After this, we pour the resulting broth into a dark bottle and set it for two weeks in a cool place away from the sun's rays. Do not forget to shake the container every two days. Liquid apply to a sore spot at night;
  3. Very effective treatment of spurs on the heelsis obtained by using honey, iodine and simple salt (although the sea is better). A teaspoon of honey is mixed with salt and five drops of iodine, then applied to the skin, covered with plaster or polyethylene and leave for several hours (can be overnight). Repeat every day at least once;
  4. Works well with spurs and vinegar. You just need to make a compress and leave it on your foot for a couple of hours;
  5. You can also try army methodstake advantage of the house. The simplest and cheapest medicine for heel build-ups is a laundry soap. The briquette must be grated, heated in a water bath and applied to the spur zone. You can cover with polyethylene and wear a mixture under your toes.

Hardware options are not too suitable forhome use, but nevertheless treatment spurs by the laser is an undoubted leader among the offered ways. In some surgeons' offices, you may also be offered a disposal by an ultrasound device, but this technique has not yet been proven. If you can afford it, then look in the online stores such devices, for example, in Krasnoyarsk such a device costs from 12,000 rubles, and in Kiev from 20,000.

As you can see in the photo, home treatment of spurs onheel gives effect, reviews argue that such options are even more effective than injections or surgeries. If you have encountered similar problems - share your recommendations in the comments.