Edema after operation on foot

Svetka Sweetie, Woman, 30 years old

Yesterday there was an operation. Removal of fibroma on the foot (heel) with a scalpel. In the conditions of the polyclinic. The size of the tumor was 1.5 cm. Two seams were applied. I work with greenery. At the moment, worried that the foot of this foot is always cold and there is a swelling of the foot. Both in the area of ​​the heel and on the pads of the fingers. I can not stand on my foot. I use crutches. Is it normal that there is edema on the 2nd day after the operation, and the better to treat the wound. Thank you.

Hello! To answer your question more or less accurately can only be operated surgeon. Not knowing the volume and type of operation, the rest can only guess. Therefore, my advice is tomorrow for a bandaging to the author of the operation! If you have any doubts, write here. Sincerely, V.Yatsun

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