What to do if the swelling of the finger

Our feet carry a very heavy load every dayand not all can normally withstand it. There are cases when the finger is swollen and aching on the leg, and the person until the last moment does not pay attention to it. In most cases, the reason is a tight, uncomfortable, but very fashionable footwear, especially with a high heel. It creates a position of the foot, in which all the load falls on the fingers, mainly on the thumb, suffering most often.

However, if the finger is swollen on the foot what to do immediatelycan not be determined. To do this, you need to establish the exact cause, which lies not only in uncomfortable shoes. Very often, the thumb suffers an impact on a hard object, which causes the tumor to form. Reduce pain and partially remove the edema by applying cold to the damaged area.

The cause of the tumor can be of various kindsinfectious diseases, mainly fungal. In these cases, home remedies will not help, special treatment is required here. The fingers swell and with venous insufficiency, when the leg veins do not have time to pump blood, and it accumulates in the form of tumors.

In the event that the finger is swollen and aching on the leg,should check the condition of the nails. In many cases, the cause of the tumor is an ingrown nail. This is a rather unpleasant and, even, dangerous phenomenon that can cause swelling of not only the finger, but the entire foot. Do not try to solve the problem yourself, it's best to contact a specialist. The swollen finger should be carefully checked for a spike or splinter. After such a trauma, a tumor can also arise from infection by bacteria caught in the tissue of the finger.

Diseases associated with inflammation of the joints, veryeasily lead to swelling on the fingers. This is arthritis, arthrosis, gout and other similar diseases. In these cases, an accurate diagnosis can be made only in a medical institution after a thorough examination.

In some cases, when the finger is swollen on the legit is impossible to say, since this tumor can be the result of allergic reactions of the body to any allergens. The immune system emits chemical substances, under the influence of which, and there are swelling.

Therefore, if the causes of swelling of the toes are wornquestionable character, you should always contact a surgeon or rheumatologist. Only after all the tests and comprehensive examination, the right and effective treatment is prescribed.