After how many days does the edema fall?

Unsuccessfully fell 2 days ago and broke his nose, how many days there are to be corrected without rhinoplasty?
Fracture just below the bridge of the nose, a hump appeared and the nose slightly slanted aside.

Edema on the face, eyes closed, but gradually opens, does this edema need to be removed and whether it is possible? Because under the eye is too much load on the skin for sensations or just tolerate?

It is better to reposition the bones of the nose afterhow the edema subsides. On waiting there are 7-10 days. However, in any case, you need to see an ENT doctor, a neurologist and an ophthalmologist before, to make a radiograph of the skull bones. In the presence of damage to the skin, tetanus prophylaxis should be carried out.

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Xenia, thanks for the answer!

Whether it is possible to accelerate, that the edema slept or is simplewait? Although in principle, on the third day, the eye opened and the edema became less. But for some reason the problem has appeared even worse, apparently it is necessary to call an ambulance and go to you, to immediately and nose and head. Because on the third day after the fracture, dizziness began (besides the nose this time, it hit the eye area in the forehead area, with the eye all ok), and the first 2 days there was nothing, but there was the strongest edema of the face on one side (so always after fractures), but as soon as the edema began to subside, for some reason problems with the head began - for example, I lie on one side, turned to the other and all the objects rotate and the head is spinning. Or went to wash, normally came as soon as he tilted his head down, immediately led and nearly fell.
Such a feeling for many was in childhood when you ride a carousel and quickly go with them.
Concussion is visible? Or the infection what can went?
So I do not even know if I should try to go to a doctor atsuch a state, although it seems that it is not advisable to move with concussions, and on the other hand, if something serious, can any infection so manifest itself or is it hardly likely and just a concussion?
It is strange that this was not at all in the first 2 days and immediately after the fall.

So I understand the tomography of the head should be done or it will not show edemas and so on?

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Alex7, you urgently need to see a doctorinternally, it may be necessary to be hospitalized. It will be necessary to do CT of the brain. You can come to our clinic. To do this, call me on tel. 8-926-536-36-52
Voros edema of the nose at the moment is not the most important.

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Xenia, come to see you probably, because those who did X-rays, did not notice a fracture of the nose (nose bridge), although it is. Are you on Michurinsky or the one near Prospect Mira?

CT and X-rays were made from friends in clinics, likewould be with a head all ok. But the results said do not give up, only on request. You can make a request from me so that I can bring it back to you. Not quite aware of how they do it.

Or nose bridge rarely correct?