Edema of the skin of the breast

"The doctor warned that the hand on which they removedlymph glands, can swell. Yes, I myself already knew about it, my two friends who have undergone such operations, arms from the brush to the shoulder swelled. I remembered about urino therapy, I knew about this method in Russia. Became to do compresses on hand - from the shoulder to the brush. Urine left the morning, and the compress did in the evening onall night long. After two procedures the pain subsided, but I continued to repeat treatment within three to four days. Six years after the operation, I feel fine, my arm is no longer swelling. However, when a little more work on home affairs, can make itself felt. Then the triple cologne comes to my aid - I rub my hand, and everything falls into place "(it may very well be that urine acts as a hypertonic solution.

Gymnastics for those who after surgery onthe mammary gland has developed lymphostasis of the hand. If you did not make this charging before the removal of the seams - you missed the most valuable time! The edema can be removed if the following exercises are performed daily, at least two times:

1. Stand facing the wall, touching his toes. A painful hand can be raised as high as possible, helping with a healthy hand and overcoming pain, if it arises. If possible, fix this position for 10-15 minutes.

2. Active mahi bent at the elbow of the hand to the side with the subsequent straightening of the hand.

3. Smooth lifting hands up through the sides.

4. Start a sick hand behind the head and hold it there for a few seconds, while lifting you can use the help of a healthy hand.

5. It's the same, only to get a sick hand behind your back.

6. Sit down, holding on to the back of the chair.

7. Apply ointment (troxevasin or heparin) on a sick arm from phalanges of fingers to the shoulder joint.

8. Conduct a light (pumping) massage from all sides of the patient's arm, starting from the phalanges of the fingers and ending with the shoulder joint.

9. Put a compression glove on the patient's hand for up to two hours.

It is necessary to save a sick hand and try:

- do not sleep on the sore side;

- in the supine position place the hand so that it is slightly raised;

- on a sore hand, avoid measuring pressure and injecting any injections;

- Do not lift a patient with a hand weighing more than 1 kg.

Such a complex is recommended to do a minimum of 7-8months after surgery, then the likelihood of lymphostasis will be minimal. Daily warm baths and showers are nice. If nevertheless there was a late lymphostasis, it is necessary to take decongestants and thrombose-dissolving herbs.

In case of any inflammation on a sore arm, immediately consult a doctor.

"There are a lot of prescriptions from lymphostasis, but I use my own. It is necessary to lift a sick hand and put it against the wall, and with the other hand gently stroke it from hand to shoulder. After 10 minutes, the edema decreases. "

My late mother's friend Maria Mikhailovnasaid that after the removal of the mammary gland she began swelling of the arm and "bumps" under the arm, severe pain. During the telecast, she heard the advice of a doctor (professor!) In such cases to take raw egg white squirrels and rub them a sore spot. Maria Mikhailovna massaged the egg under the mouse, and the pain receded for a couple of hours. Another such massage, and again the pain subsided for a couple of hours. Now Maria Mikhailovna does this procedure when she is completely unbearable. (I would then do this massage every two hours, and not when it hurts, and at night would get up at least three days in a row, or until the edema disappears completely .The fact is that palliative medicine (a very real scientific direction) claims that getting rid of the symptoms leads to getting rid of the disease. Get rid of the pain - get rid of the cause.