Swelling of the posterior pharyngeal wall

Pharyngitis is a chronic or acute inflammation,accompanied by discomfort, perspiration or pain in the throat. To date, inflammation of the pharynx is one of the most common inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

The causes of inflammation of the pharynx with pharyngitis

The main cause of this disease isinhalation of contaminated or cold air, as well as exposure to various chemical stimuli. Infectious inflammation of the pharynx can be provoked by a variety of microbes, viruses and fungi. Often, pharyngitis develops against the background of the spread of infection from the source of inflammation adjacent to the pharynx. This is how the disease develops in rhinitis, sinusitis, or with tooth decay.

The following factors can provoke inflammation of the pharynx:

individual features of the structure of the mucosa and the whole gastrointestinal tract;

prolonged exposure to unfavorable factors (dust of hot, dry air, smoke or chemicals);

shortness of breath through the nose;