Edema of cheeks and neck

on Friday I went to the installation of a dental implant, butit turned out that there are few bones and it is necessary to "enlarge" it. For this, the gum was cut / sewn, by the evening there was swelling, but not very large, but this morning it was almost a queen of the gas station (((Tell me, how can I somehow reduce the swelling, tomorrow I have to go to work, but in this way they will not recognize ( (I was warned about edema, all the prescribed medicines I take
Ludmila Dobryevecher)) (14/03/2010 Su 10:45)

edema is a normal phenomenon forcavity of gum. well, be like 3 days, a maximum of five. it will come to naught. drink antihistamines (in accordance with your budget and recommendations), pay less attention to it and quickly pass. The implants themselves did it, so I know what I'm saying.
know-it-all © (15.03.2010 Mon 10:14)

At me today 3 day, for the night even more became - the edema from a nose bridge on the upper eyelid "has grown" ((I understand, that normally, but it is very necessary for me for work, and in such kind it is impossible to appear on people
author (3/15/2010 Mon 10:53 am)

Try Lyoton - on the cheek and neck. To me after removal of a tooth has helped or assisted (too the edema was). It and in the morning under a day cream it is possible - it absolutely colorless.
Purple Bird © (14/14/2010 Su 18:11)

in clinics a layer. Surgery is a restorative procedure with a laser that removes puffiness or at least it reduces well
Kedicik © (14.03.2010 Su 12:35)

Nothing much will not help. There was such a trauma. Within a week it will subside. The chief was doing an implant: it was painful to look at. I went through a twisted week and with difficulty I turned my tongue.
Lada (14/03/2010 Su 12:23)