Hip swelling after surgery

Hello, I'm 18 years old, 13 days ago I wasmade plastic PKS, and ten days ago they took off the stitches and let go home. The problem is that after walking and small loads on the leg, the leg is very much swollen - caviar, ankle twice as healthy, the knee feels normal and only slightly swollen.
With what it can be connected? And what should I do? The doctor doing the operation is in the next city and once again I would not want to duck without emergency.

Call the surgeon and come to the consultation. Edema after surgery is quite normal, especially in summer. But, it all depends on his degree.

Are you sure the doctor allowed you to load your foot?

While - minimum program - it does not go withload on the aching leg (ie on crutches), while the calf muscle and other muscles of the lower leg should be actively cut NECESSARY. It is better to lie with your leg raised upwards on the pillows, + elastic banding (with elastic bandage) from the foot and up to the hip, + diuretic (horsetail grass), + cyclo-3-fort 1 tablet 2 times a day (the first couple of days can be up to 2 times), + nimesil for 1 sachet 2 times a day.

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Hello. I have a cut on the back of my thigh, it's all sewn, but I can not straighten my leg, my knee is working normally. The hip itself does not allow straightening, there the scar was cut as an ax (I do not blame the doctors). Physiotherapy and LPC are done daily, there are no shifts yet. August 15 was an accident! The question is: how the tendons are healing, they grow or stretch and as in time.

Injury was in the elbow. 15 days hand was in plaster. After removing the plaster (plaster was removed on Oct. 11) I can not bend my arm to the end. Will the hand be recovered through time?

Three months ago, an operation was performed (Heel fracture with displacement). The sutures were removed (I already move without crutches) doctor's recommendation, saline bath. It helps a little, Is there a more effective remedy?

Hello! I have an incomplete comminuted fracture with a displacement of the ischium on the left; neoarthrosis of the base of the left bones branch. Sensation of instability in the left side of the pelvis. I go constantly in a bandage. Do you think I have a chance to improve the situation with rehabilitation measures?

Good afternoon! I'm 28 years old, pregnancy is 26 weeks. 3 years ago there was a fracture of the neck of the hip. Twisted two screws, a year later one was removed, and one remained. It seems that everything is normal. To change the weather, the foot is aching, and after minor physical exertions, severe pains appear. Tell me, can I give birth alone or is it necessary to have a cesarean?

Hello! December 5 guy in the game of football knocked knee, he has set it in place, reaching the nearest trauma center and making an X-ray diagnosed - a fracture of the fibula, was put in plaster, was sent to the emergency room where they live. There sent for an MRI, the fracture turned out there was no conclusion, MRI: the gap type 2 medial patellar retinaculum, bone marrow bruised thigh and medial patellar bursitis, synovitis. 3 weeks he passed in a cast, then.

Hello. I had a closed fracture of the lower leg. The plaster was applied for 3 weeks. When he was removed, it hurt me to get up, but then it passed. But it hurts to jump on it, to run. The leg can not move normally. I'm doing basketball professionally. Tell me, how can I cure it faster? And when can I walk, how did I go?

Hello. On January 27, he broke the ulnar bone, performed an operation and metallosteosynthesis with a screw. The cast was removed on March 22nd. The hand is difficult to develop, but the fracture does not grow together, is it normal that for so long the fracture is growing together? How long will a fracture grow? And does the traumatologist have the right to expel from the hospital with such a trauma?

Hello, at the husband (48 years) fracture of a neck of a femur. Two months ago they had an operation. We apply elastic bandage completely both legs, he drinks aspirin, lubricates the legs with lyaton, the area of ​​fracture with the cream-balsam "Miracle-Hash (shuster)", drinks a mummy - 1 tablet a day. What additional recovery methods will you advise, by the evening the leg is swelling and it hurts?

After the fracture of the thigh there is a plate, the knee does not move. How to treat, what to do? A year has already passed.

Hello, 4 months ago I had a closeda comminuted fracture of both bones of the shin with displacement. We installed Ilizarov's apparatus. 6 days ago it was removed, before the removal of the device 1,5 months went without the help of crutches and wand. Now they told me not to step on my foot. How to quickly develop a leg and start to walk normally? Can do any exercises, procedures, etc.

Hello. I used to play football professionally. Now I'm playing, but on a semi-professional level. About 7 years ago there was a knee injury, but then everything went away, there were no problems, and about 8 months ago there were pains in the right knee. I thought that it would pass by itself. But I recently made an MRI and it showed that I have a partial rupture of the PKC and the posterior horn of the lateral meniscus. Tell me, is there any therapeutic treatment or only surgery, because I play football often enough?

I received a brush cut, I applied 5 seams. A day later, there was swelling. All the brush and fingers have gone off. The doctor installed a drain on the 3rd day, how quickly should the edema fall? If the day has not diminished, what should I do? How to accelerate the healing of a wound?

Hello. Already as 3 days in a row the right leg hurts when walking. I do not feel anything special at rest, but when walking it can be very difficult to walk, and stops are required. 2 months ago there was a fracture of the fifth metatarsal bone of the same leg, but in the foot it does not hurt at all, only if the foot is walking for a long time it seems to grow numb. After a fracture I noticed such a couple of times, but the pains were not very strong and rare. What could it be? Thank you

Hello, three weeks ago I broke the lefthand (knocked out by the ball). Now that the cast is removed, the pain in the elbow and the hand, but this is understandable, because the hand was in one position, but besides that, I have a very sore nameless finger. What advise to do?