Massive swelling of the whole body

LEAVES - accumulation of excess fluid in tissues.

Edema can be common (for diseaseskidney, cardiovascular system, eating disorders) and local, such as pritrombophlebitis, inflammation. The degree of edema varies - from the pastosity of the face and legs to massive swelling of the entire body. Swelling of cardiac origin is usually found on the feet, legs, in the lower back. Kidney swelling is common everywhere - on the face, trunk, extremities. In some patients (for example, with acute glomerulonephritis) edema is formed quickly, for several hours or days, and in other patients (for example, with exacerbation of chronic kidney diseases) - slowly, gradually increasing for many days.

Patients with massive swelling, especially withthe tendency to rapid growth, it is necessary to hospitalize and take urgent measures aimed at increasing the release of urine and reducing edema and treating the underlying disease.

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