Edema of the gums around the tooth

good afternoon!
Tell me, what could it be. I will not tell you the prehistory for a long time, the tooth died, the nerve was removed (put the mouse, although I asked for something else to kill.) I was sealed in the pictures normally (2 doctors looked at the pictures). Pretty long (about 2 months) on the tooth was an extra unpolished filling, a little disturbed, then I went and polished it. Now nothing seems to be in the way. But all the same, the tooth hurts when nibbling, tapping, as if bursting from the inside. under the roots, like there is nothing, I myself looked, tk. 6k already lost 1 time because of periodontitis. Constantly I feel discomfort in this zone, it is impossible to chew. It hurts not much, but it's impossible to chew.
The doctor said that after polishing everything had to pass. But no. And yesterday the gum around this tooth was slightly swollen.
Again the periodontitis develops? Just because they treated for a long time?

Good afternoon.
Since I do not see the picture personally. so we will focus only on your descriptions.
Yes, judging by what happens, it is periodontitis. Why he appeared there, I can not say if you need to see an X-ray. Sometimes there are cases when, and with apparently well sealed canals, there is a cyst. Therefore, if you want to know not the assumption but the opinion of the doctor, you need a snapshot, and preferably a new one, if several months have passed since the treatment. I'll look, and I'll tell you what's there and how.
In any case, periodontitis is perfectly treated and there is no need to remove the tooth.

M-yes. when at me the periodontitis in 6ke (an error of the doctor) has developed, to me at once have told or said - it is better to remove.
But I suffered iontophoresis with copper and calcium (thisit was just a Gestapo some), the tooth stood for 3 years, burst in half, and when it was pulled all was in bunches. It was 6ka on the same side, which now hurts 7ka. The adjacent tooth, which I decided to "treat" before putting the implant, he was not sick.
I represent, that to me will tell or say, if there a periodontitis. What a bad luck!
Tell me, how to upload a picture here? It is not scanned.

The picture can be photographed on a regularcamera, substituting it under the light. Try, so many do. And I'll process it myself, and I'll explain everything to you. As for bad luck, it's like saying. Maybe it was too late - there was a huge seal, it did not look white, and the nerve died of its death. Or it's time to change the doctor if he misses it or does it the second time that periodontitis occurs.
I think the picture will judge us, load, we will look)

It is better not to take a picture, unfortunately.
there is some kind of round spot from one side, probably, again air in the seal.

About the "late turned" - it's not aboutme. The tooth did not hurt. Just said "clean up" to the implant. I cleaned it on my head. The doctor was the first to treat wrong, overheated it. Caries was superficial, to the nerve far away (her words). The second one had already treated the pulpitis, said that in the filling, they said they left an air bubble, so the nerve could become inflamed.

While I wash with peroxide, the swelling is asleep, I do not chew on this side, so I do not hurt yet. And yesterday I had to drink Najz.

In the picture all the channels are sealed very well.
Since the canal was placed and treated with canals, whenthe nerve was still alive, then periodontitis, if it only began to develop there, we will not see it yet, since in the picture a process of this kind is seen after about 5-8 months. from start. One good thing is that there is no cyst or chronic inflammation.
Now it remains only to wait.
If the tooth calms down and stops givingany sensations, it will be necessary to take a picture just in case approximately in half a year. Just to check whether there is no chronic process (which often occurs without complaints). If not, then everything is in order.

Unequivocally it is not necessary to cover this tooth with a crown,until in any case (if in half a year the tooth never bothers and in the picture we see the same picture that we see now), then you can congratulate the doctor. If there, something goes wrong, then you can always heal the channels. Just while I would not touch it, it's better to observe, maybe everything will be fine and do not have to seal the channels again.

In principle, the fact that the tooth is a little worriedafter the canal filling, is not terrible. I was worried that you are drinking painkillers and swelling of the gums. This should not be. But everyone has a different reaction to treatment. Let's wait and watch the tooth. In any case, the guarantee for treatment on average 1 year, and if something happens, you must treat it. Do not take it into your head!

Thanks for the answer.
The gums swell every time I try to chew anything on this side. It swells specifically, 1.5-2 times.
He was treated in April. So 6 months is October. There's almost nothing to wait for.

Then you need to take a new picture and load it tous. If the gum is really swollen, you need to look for the cause. Since I do not see you, I'll wait for a new picture (preferably the photo should not be left to be left as it is, then the sharpness is better when processing).
And you showed up to your doctor. What does he say to all this?
And a few more questions:
1 The gums swell and how much keeps?
2. Does it take place or do you have to drink something?
3. Pain with bloating gums is, or on the contrary, it hurts, and when the pain subsides?

1. keeps the clock 8
2. edema subsides after rinsing with peroxide
3. pain with swelling

The doctor said that I had left too much gap between my teeth. Therefore, this gap needs to be shortened, to build up the seal. In the pon-to I go to build up.

Yes, judging by your clarifications, it is in the gum. If food gets between the teeth, it traumatizesgum. which then starts to become inflamed. If the rinse relieves pain and swelling, then this is the gum. Now the main thing to remove the cause is to make a good contact between the teeth (ie, between the next tooth and the seal), and everything will be fine.

I have a question. Should a dentist after removing the "eights" in any way prevent infection in open "holes"? The following happened to me. I was immediately removed two teeth. Two days later, when I went to the doctor, it was found that one of the holes had an infection, a blood clot that formed there, decomposed. It was necessary to re-freeze and clean the wells. In the end, the doctor put tampons in the holes, soaked in antiseptic. Now it turns out that I have to pay for cleaning the holes. My friend, for example, a doctor to prevent infection, prescribed an antibiotic. In advance thanks for the answer.

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