Swelling after introduction of filler

Reactions at the injection site

Tumescence, redness, bruises, pain, itching andinfections can occur at the site of the puncture of the skin. Tumors and bruises are considered normal and usually go away in a few days. They can be reduced by pressing the injection site and applying an ice pack to it. In addition, it is necessary to stop taking drugs that interfere with blood clotting. There are also reports of rare cases of recurrent spasmodic tumors that appear after taking alcohol, getting under the sun, or excessive physical activity. This effect can last for years.

Infections - a rare phenomenon, manifested in the form ofone or more inflamed nodules, which are treated with antibiotics. Some experts suggest that this kind of inflammation is the result of the action of bacteria (for example, staphylococcus or propionis) on the surface biofilms around the filler. Therefore, injections do not occur in places affected by infections. There is no evidence that the fillers provoke a recurrence of the herpes virus, but those for whom the "fever" on the lips - a frequent occurrence, it does not hurt to use an antiviral.

Cases when the filler is clearly visible under the skin is the result of the wrong technique of administration. Depending on the type of preparation (in particular this applies to fillers based on hyaluronic acid ) small nodules or bluespots under the skin. The latter are formed due to hemosiderin (insoluble protein), produced in the process of interstitial bleeding. Small nodules are treated with a local massage, by sucking a fluid or dissecting with subsequent drainage. To destroy the nodules or the very filler, which is noticeable under the skin, hyaluronidase is used. Hyaluronic fillers require a preliminary test for skin allergy.

With insufficient penetration of Artecoll filler, permanent itching, redness and even hypertrophied scars . The defects that caused hyaluronic fillers can be reduced with the help of local injections of corticosteroids. Superficial introduction of fillers Radiesse will lead to the formation of white bubblesunder the skin, they need to be pierced and squeezed out the contents. Injection of silicone directly under the skin will lead to fibrosis and granulomas, nodules and textural changes. Granulomas and scars can occur in the delayed period from three weeks to several years.

Random intramuscular injections of fillers (forexcluding drugs on hyaluronic acid and collagen) will inevitably lead to their migration and formation of undesirable cones and seals. For the same reason, no injections are made on the lips Radiesse . Constant contractions of the annular muscle provoke the formation of subcutaneous nodules.

Depending on the drug injected, various reactions occur.

  • Collagen. In 1.3% of cases, the bullish collagen can be immunogenic. Within 10 days after the first injection, there is a possibility of formation of erythematous compacted nodules under the skin. About 1-3% of patients can still experience negative reactions to the filler, even with a negative skin test result. Therefore, it is recommended to do 2 samples for allergy to bovine collagen at intervals of 3-4 weeks. If these symptoms do not go away on their own, they can be easily removed with oral glucocorticoid hormones.
  • Fillers on hyaluronic acid. Reaction to injection of the filler may occur asa month, and years after the injection. Such phenomena are usually asymptomatic, in some cases hyaluronic fillers cause erythema and tumors. They are treated with local injections of corticosteroids. Dosage depends on the severity of the lesion, if necessary, repeat the injection after 4-6 weeks. Some specialists use hyaluronidase in the hope that its disintegration will lead to a decrease in side effects.
  • Poly-L-lactic acid. In the course of clinical studies after 3-4months after injections (sometimes the period is reduced to 1 month) Sometimes the introduction of fillers is accompanied by the appearance of nodules on the skin. They are well probed, but not visible. The exact nature and mechanism of their formation are not established, but to avoid them, injections of the filler should be done under the dermis.

Vascular reactions to injections of filler

Necrosis of the skin as a result of compression or blockagevessels - a rather rare consequence. Most often, it occurs in the region of the peritoneal, in which there is no auxiliary circulation. Sometimes there are cases of ischemia and necrosis in the nasolabial area, in view of the anatomy of the vessels in this area. To avoid such complications, it is recommended to use lighter fillers for contour plastics, to introduce them slowly, constantly moving the needle. The same side effect can cause injections of own fat. This can be avoided by introducing the required volume of filler for contour plastics in several sessions.

Injection of filler: precautionary measures

  1. To minimize undesirable results,it is recommended to start with temporary hyaluronic fillers. This will allow the doctor and patient to evaluate the cosmetic effect and decide on the need to introduce a permanent filler.
  2. Tumors and bruises can be avoided by stopping the use of drugs that prevent blood clotting, and also with the help of ice compresses.
  3. The depth of introduction of the filler is of great importance. Applying fillers in cosmetology, you need to take into account the recommendations of the manufacturer and your own experience of a specialist.
  4. During the first three days after the procedure, sudden repetitive movements should be avoided so as not to provoke drug migration.
  5. Some parts of the body and types of scars are more likelyto the formation of undesirable effects. So, for example, the bumps are most often formed around the transverse wrinkles on the forehead and vertical lines at the mouth. In places with thin skin, eyelids and the eye area, injectable fillers can easily move, so injections are not made here. Bumps and nodules can form in the corners of the eyes, however, some fillers, and here they give excellent results. The risk of necrosis in the area of ​​the nadroxis increases with the patient's own fat. Narrow, deep and dented scars - the result of chicken pox or acne. If they are corrected, a phenomenon may arise in which the edges of the scar increase in volume together with the depressed area into which the drug is administered.
  6. Applying fillers in cosmetology, sometimes it is necessary to perform several tests in advance. For example, products based on bovine collagen should undergo a preliminary test for allergy.

Serious tumors and allergic reactions that caused injection fillers are removed with oral corticosteroids or antihistamines.

Vesicles and tubercles that caused fillers forcontour plastics, should dissolve independently. If this does not happen, injection fillers are removed by cutting and draining the tissues. Permanent formulations can be removed by resorting to local injections of corticosteroids, surgical incisions, dermabrasion or laser resurfacing. Bubbles on the upper lip are eliminated by massage, dissection and drainage, local injection of hormones or surgical intervention.

Typically, pain and discoloration of the injection site- result of blockage of blood vessels. In such cases, immediately apply a warm compress, massage and apply nitroglycerin paste. If a hyaluronic filler was used, to break it and relieve tension in the tissues, hyaluronidase .

Injection fillers: beauty requires professionalism

There are many ways to reduce the effect oravoid possible complications when introducing fillers. Of course, it is necessary to carefully select fillers for contour plastics. However, even with extremely rare cases of side effects and the correct technique of administration, there is a possibility of unforeseen consequences.

I have two main problems - nasolabial foldsand lacrimal grooves. Too early they became noticeable, too spoiled the mood. At one time I was trying to somehow correct nasolabial folds with masks and exercises, the results were good, but they needed to be constantly maintained. To me - a lazy person - it quickly got fed up, so in the beginning of December 2014 I supplied the fillers. This was the most correct decision. Because until now nothing has not sagged anywhere and new wrinkles have not appeared. I did in Beauty, the most important thing to do with a professional.

Hello. 10 days ago teosal dip Line made nosogobki and cosmetologist offered to remove wrinkles between the eyebrows. But it is visible it is too far, because the gel has gone downwards in a corner of an eye, what to me to do or make? Can the gel flow into the eye? And how then can it be extracted from there ??

Hello can you tell me whether the filler theosophy is an ultra dip dip into the lips for volume? To me the cosmetician advises it or him, but ultra dip he very dense. Will it fit the lips?

No, this drug (Teosyal Ultra Deep) is created especially strongly elastic, able to hold
its shape and not smear, and in the lips need a plastic, well distributed drug, such as
Teosyal Kiss or Teosyal PureSense Kiss with a new formula, otherwise there will be "lumps"

To the question of restylane. I will share my experience with your permission. For a long time I wanted to increase my upper lip a bit, turned to a clinic in St. Petersburg. They are just working with restylane. I was explained that it is based on hyaluronic acid, which is very important for the skin. The composition includes lidocaine, which makes the procedure not so painful. They injected me with Restylane Lip Volume. In principle, everything is tolerable. Edema passed on the 4th day. The lip has increased, but just as I wanted, i.e. effect Masha Malinovskaya, thank God, did not work. My girlfriend also increased her lips, but the filler of another company (I will not specify, because compatibility depends on individual characteristics, not necessarily the drug is bad), but her swelling went through a month and a half only, she even had to take leave at her own expense, was ashamed go to work with lips that look like a duck's beak.

good proven fillers is another halfsuccess but the main role in these "miracle injections" is played by a competent, experienced doctor, namely a doctor and not a nurse after the courses. I did rhinoplasty from a very good specialist, the result is happy, but since there was a strong swelling I had to pull up my face a little, fill with fillers. did the theosyl lynes 2 ml. the result surpassed all expectations. The face was tightened, the color of the skin improved was rejuvenated. the only thing that the company claims to keep the gel for up to 12 months, from its own experience - this figure is exaggerated, up to a maximum of 8 months. all good luck, be beautiful

And I have a sad experience of introducing a filler, probablyI will never again decide what to introduce, so much misery brought me inadvertent administration of the drug. After 3 months, huge stone-like seals formed at the injection sites, and the eyes almost did not open, the course of intravenous prednisolone, corticosteroids in tablets and ointments hormonal bumps, it took 8 months, there were red spots, without tonalki you will not leave, "cosmetologist" accuses my immune system

Girls who already used fillers (meinterests exactly for the correction of the lips, I want to increase them a little), you can share your experience, which fillers are best used, which specialists should you contact? At many forums I read about restylane fillers, they are most interested in me, since I have long been using face cream for washing and day and night cream of this brand, I like the effect very much, the skin looks much better, but I do not know about fillers. I really want to try. Tell me please. Thank you very much in advance.

Cosmetology does not stand still, you look at ourartists, they look younger than they were in their youth. The neighbor burned, she says, there are hyaluronic fillers, smoothes wrinkles. And she did it. I even liked the effect after healing, but I'm a coward. A neighbor is happy. He says that at first there were swelling, but after a while everything was asleep, she really went to the cosmetician, to the procedure of kneading the gels.

Well, you write horror here, read the article andreviews and was horrified, it seems that everyone will necessarily have some complications after fillers, but this is not the case, it's only isolated cases. I go to a cosmetologist for more than a year now, I adjust the shape of my lips with restylaline lipp, I have never had any negative reactions other than swelling several days after the procedure, but this is the norm. And I know a lot of girls who inject injectors with fillers and not one has ever happened.

Hello! and I also did the thesial and I also like it very much, so far I have been satisfied with the result. I did it in October, then I did it after 4 months for correction, since the initial dose is slightly resorbed. I do not say anything about my injections. from last year's corporate and this and the girls noticed that this year I looked even younger! this is such a mystery! I hope everything will be fine in the future, which I wish all dear women!

I'm doing the Thesial Ultra Deep filler in Newfound andunder the eyes, the first few days the gel settles. after the reception at the cosmetician is necessary, he kneads a gel. After a month, the gel completely returns to normal and lasts 1.5-2 years. I love. the main thing
. Do not need to chase the cheapness of fillers, use proven brands and trust experienced hands.

Good afternoon, dear experts! Has made to myself injections Surzhiderm 2 years ago in nosogubnye folds. Everything is fine on the plain, as soon as I go to the mountains (above 2000 m), problems with some floating edema start, then my lip will inflate, like Masha Malinovskaya's, then my cheeks, always unexpectedly, and everything starts with the balls on the mucous lips that then spread into edema, removed only by horse doses of antihistamines. Help solve the problem! Is it an allergy or some problems with the attraction of water at altitude due to pressure drop and altitude? How to deal with this phenomenon? Thanks in advance, Alina.

Hello.I made injections of the Princess filler in the area of ​​bags under the eyes, and the influx under them .. It's been 10 days already, the injections were done in the area of ​​the delicate skin of the orbit below, asymmetric swelling, bruises, the line from the inside of the eye to the cheek became even clearer with the influx. in general, now I look worse than before. cosmetologist says that the filler should be dealt with, and that 10 days is a very short period. What do you say? It will resolve, no?

Go to an experienced doctor, you will be given a resorption therapy. Indeed, injections of hyaluronidase perfectly remove all troubles. I'm amazed that you do nothing for a year and three months.

Oksana (Oksana) drug Evgulon B causes a lotgrievances and in doctors and patients, unfortunately this can not help specifically to you, but it may be a warning for other patients. Evgulon B is strictly not recommended for use in the periorbital zone. But already having a problem, it is necessary to solve it. Local injections of hyaluronidase directly into the "cones" and a course of microcurrent drainage are necessary to enhance microcirculation in this zone and accelerate the resorption of granular hyaluronic acid.

Olga, it would be easier to assess the situation if youfor what reason it is necessary to conduct the procedure of cosmechanics (LIFT 6) for the speedy resorption of the filler from juviderm 3. In the case of hypercorrection or iatrogenic edemas provoked by too superficial introduction of the filler, the purpose of the methods of cosmechanics (elevator), the principle of increasing microcirculation in this zone and carrying out lymph drainage , which contributes to the early resolution of such tested and biologically degradable drugs. as Juviederm 3.

Help get rid of Evgulona, ​​the bumps under the eyes do not pass 1 year and 3 months. just piss. Tell me what can be pricked so they pass.

please tell me can i get rid of the filler juviderm 3 under the eyes with the help of a lift 6 nyxes i'm afraid to do it took 3 weeks