Edema in the trigeminal nerve

What is facial neuritis?

Of the twelve pairs of cranial nerves, the trigeminal nerve is the fifth nerve. Primary Function trigeminal nerve - providing sensitivity in the face area. Ternary nerves are located on different sides, one on the left, the other on the right. Three branches leave the trigeminal nerve. One twig gives sensitivity to the eye, upper eyelid and forehead skin. The second branch provides sensitivity to the lower eyelid, cheek, nostrils, upper lip and upper gum. The third branch serves to exercise the sensitivity of the lower jaw, lower lip, gum and some chewing muscles.

Pain caused by trigeminal neuralgianerve, perhaps, one of the most painful pain that occurs in humans. As a rule, the pain is localized in the lower part of the face and jaw, but it happens that the pain affects the area around the nose and above the eyes. The pain that arises from neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve is so strong that it can be compared to a current shock. Such severe pain occurs due to irritation of the trigeminal nerve, from which the branches run to the forehead, cheeks and lower jaw. Pain usually manifests in one half of the face.

Unfortunately, completely curing neuralgiaThe trigeminal nerve is not always successful. However, there are still ways that can significantly reduce the pain in this disease. First of all, anticonvulsants are used. In those cases when treatment with medications does not bring relief or severe adverse events occur, surgical methods of treatment are used.

The causes of neuritis of the trigeminal facial nerve

Neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve is accompanied bysevere pain, as there is irritation of the trigeminal nerve. As a rule, the cause is the contact of the artery and the vein with the trigeminal nerve in the region of the base of the skull. There is a squeezing of the nerve, it gives a lot of pain. Other possible reasons for neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve include tumors. which compress the nerve, multiple sclerosis, which leads to the destruction of the myelin sheath of the nerve. In young people, the development of trigeminal neuralgia is usually associated with multiple sclerosis.

Despite the fact that the etiology of the disease is very wide, but, fortunately, it is not always implemented.

The main reasons for the development of neuritis of the trigeminal nerve are:

Postponed viral infection. Almost any viruses can cause neuritis. But the most important causative agent are representatives of the herpes family. In the first place among them - shingles;

Immune dysfunction of the body. Against this background, herpes viruses are able to activate more than in a healthy body;

Undercooling of local and general nature. Most often, the trigeminal neuritis arises after exposure to drafts or other low-temperature effects on one of the half of the ear and facial areas;

Strong physical strain and psycho-emotional shocks, which lead to depletion of the body's defenses;

Poor nutrition, and as a result, immune dysfunction;

Severe infections of any location, if they persist for a long time and require aggressive treatment.

To the reasons that contribute to the onset of an attack of trigeminal neuralgia include:

a slight touch to the skin of the face;