Edema in the maxillary sinuses

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Hello! Tell me please. I turned to Laura about the swelling of the cheeks in the region of the maxillary sinuses. X-ray data: in the left maxillary sinus the pneumatization is reduced by 1/3 due to the formation with a convex contour-cyst? In the right maxillary sinus, parietal shading is due to edema of the mucosa. Shaded nasal passages. The doctor put the diagnosis and appointed an appointment within a month. A week passed, the swelling of the cheeks slightly slept, but still noticeable. Could it be because of rhinitis? (to the therapist addressed, all analyzes in norm or rate, in t. Ч. US of an abdominal cavity, consultation of the oculist and the endocrinologist). Even after washing the nose, the swelling in the sinuses becomes even greater, the doctor said to cancel the lavage. Is this correct? Thank you in advance

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Hello! Yes, you, most likely, the cyst in the left maxillary sinus is festering, resulting in a strong edema in the soft tissues of the cheek region. About rhinitis, as a basic diagnosis, there can be no question. It makes sense to consult internally with other otorhinolaryngologists. Perhaps, it will be a question of surgical resolution of the issue.
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