Lips hyaluronic acid edema

The increase of lips with hyaluronic acid begins withchoice of the future shape and size of the lips. The client in details should discuss this with the master in order to remain satisfied with the result. In addition, during the process, the master periodically shows the shape of the lips to the client and, at his request, can stop the acid entry at any time. Speaking about the volume of matter, the average size is only one milligram. If more substance is injected into the lips, the resulting effect will be a la Angelina Jolie or Bonya. However, many women, and men prefer the large volume of lips. The procedure for increasing the lips takes place in the beauty salon, the client lays in a cosmetology chair or on the couch so that his lips are accessible to the master. There are contraindications for carrying out this procedure. This is an allergic reaction to the drug, lip disease, immune system diseases. Also, injections of hyaluronic acid should not be given to pregnant and lactating mothers and persons under the age of 18.

The procedure for increasing the lips with hyaluronic acid

Initially, the client is injected with several injectionsan anesthetic, one or two on the lower and upper lip. By entering the drug proceed, when the sensitivity disappears, so that it does not hurt. The injection itself usually takes no more than 20-25 minutes. After lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid, edema appears on the lips, bruises can develop directly on the lips. Usually the edema very quickly decreases and the result can be seen first hand. To eliminate the consequences, you can wipe your lips with chloridixigine. Because of anesthesia, it's difficult to talk, and generally to move your lips. For several days, the prohibition on too hot drinking and eating, kissing and just restlessness of the lips remains. Many because of the side effects are afraid to do lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid. The price of the procedure directly depends on the amount of the drug that you need to work hard. Increasing the lips with hyaluronic acid is quite expensive. Also it is necessary to consider, that approximately in half a year-year the preparation resolves and it will be necessary to pay the same sum again to receive the same volume of lips.

Video liposuction with hyaluronic acid

After the procedure, the master must perform an easymassage the lips so that the drug perfectly connected with surrounding tissues. Ensuring this connection is very important! In order to remember the effect created by the increase in the lips, you can make a photo "before and after." Those who make this procedure repeatedly, indicate that the new lips get used immediately and no uncomfortable sensations arise. Hyaluronic acid is found in the human body, so it is recognized as a natural filler. Some cosmeticians advise clients to take acyclovir several days before the procedure to increase the lips in order to prevent the sudden appearance of herpes. Since the procedure causes redness and irritation, possible complications should be avoided. The result from the introduction of hyaluronic acid lasts from six months to a year, and when its action ends, the lips again take the usual form. But this does not happen overnight, but gradually, so it may not be noticeable. When the lips are repeatedly enlarged, the effect lasts longer, but still not forever.

After 3-4 weeks after the injections,you need a lip correction. After all, hyaluronic acid has the property of binding fashion molecules, so it can accumulate in those places where injections were made - from this, the lips can be uneven and the asymmetry will necessarily need to be corrected.

Other ways of using hyaluronic acid in cosmetology

Hyaluronic acid in facial cosmetologyIt is also used to correct facial wrinkles. The acid in this case is injected in the same way. Before you decide to enlarge your lips, you should weigh all the pros and cons.

So, the benefits of injections of hyaluronic acid:

  1. You can make the lips of your dreams from the age of majority and beyond without limits.
  2. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance present in the human body, so the risk of complications is excluded, as a result of the introduction of a foreign substance.
  3. The speed of the procedure, the removal of edema in a few hours or days.
  1. Despite the fact that the introduction to the lips is done under anesthesia, unpleasant sensations are present.
  2. The cost of the procedure is too high. In addition, every time the drug dissolves, you will have to pay the full cost again to restore the form.
  3. Sometimes correction is required 3 weeks after the introduction of acid.

Qualification of the doctor is crucial

It is very important to find a good master who conductsincrease of lips with hyaluronic acid. Reviews for this procedure are usually not the same. Despite the presence of notable disadvantages it is worth mentioning that in most cases young girls tend to fulfill their dream of beautiful sexual lips. Older women are skeptical, considering shots of beauty as a tribute to fashion. And if you resort to correction of this type, then only to get rid of wrinkles.

Correction of lips with hyaluronic acid graduallyoccupies strong positions in cosmetology. In addition, from the psychology of the facial features one can learn that the narrow lips are a sign of an unruly, nasty character. Surgical cosmetology gives a chance to fix it. Lipstick light shade and a pencil can also help to correct the shape of the lips. Decide which way to prefer should be based on the experience of women who were not afraid to experience this cosmetic innovation.

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