Swelling after aptos

APTOS filaments - this is the newest method of facial rejuvenation without surgery

This method is reliable, gives immediate results,does not leave traces on the skin, helps to correct and slow down the processes of withering of the skin, pushing back in time the patient will need to turn to the methods of classical plastic surgery. Malotraumatism is the main feature of the Aptos methods, which give the prospect of rejuvenating and restoring lost contours, reliefs and face size to patients who for one reason or another can not resort to a classical lifting operation.

Combination of tightening techniques with threads Aptoswith such operations of plastic surgery as: blepharoplasty, liposuction of the cheeks, chin, face oval, neck, gold thread implantation and cosmetic procedures (contour plastic gels, botox, dysport, biorevitalization) give the best results.

Threads Aptos are a thread frompolypropylene - the material used in surgery. Polypropylene is an inert material and does not cause rejection by the human body. Throughout the entire filament, incisions are formed, forming protrusions-burrs. The orientation of these projections is such that it allows thread Aptos under the skin without resistance. Threads of aptos are implanted into the facial tissues through a needle-conductor, allowing to move and fix these tissues and skin in a new favorable position. Around the Aptos threads increases the synthesis of their own collagen and elastin, new vessels of the capillary bed are formed, which leads to improved skin nutrition, increased tone and elasticity, and reduced wrinkles.

As a result, the person acquires new contours,reliefs, folds are smoothed, eyebrows are raised, the chin is tightened, the face oval improves. As a result, the procedure of Aptos is comparable with the classical face and neck lifting. with a facelift of the middle zone of the face.

The procedure for a full face lift takes about 30 - 40 minutes. The operation is performed on an outpatient basis, under local anesthesia. Hospitalization is not required.

Rehabilitation is quick and easy, and allows you to quickly return to the usual way of life.

  • The omission of the soft tissues of the face (cheek-cheekbone, podchelyusnoy area, neck, chin) and eyebrows.
  • The omission of the corners of the lips.
  • Wrinkles and folds, atrophic retracted scars of face and body.

After the operation, the patient may have slight swelling, tenderness. Full recovery occurs within a week

The time of saving the results of the procedure from 2 to 5years, the time interval determines the type of threads. It is recommended to combine the method of using Aptos threads with other procedures from cosmetology (photo, laser methods, biorevitalization, mesotherapy, laser correction). The age of the patient, lifestyle, type and condition of the skin at the time of surgery certainly also has an effect on the duration of the effect. Concomitant diseases and smoking can also delay the postoperative period.

Depending on the patient, the rehabilitation periodafter the procedure can be from two weeks to a month. It can be divided into several periods. In the beginning, there is an edema of the operated areas, which begins to decrease two or three days after the procedure. After two weeks, the puffiness disappears completely. Finally, the results of the operation can be judged after about a month. The patient can go out to the public three days after the operation, if small traces of edema do not confuse him. The number of edema is directly related to the number of zones to be pierced, the more zones the more puffiness. The reaction of the body to the interference of all people is different, this must also be taken into account. In the first week after the operation, it is recommended to sleep on the back.

Within two weeks, it is recommended to minimize the facial movements of the face, making sharp chewing actions.

Massages of the face and neck are permissible three weeks after the operation. Two months - the period after which you can perform peelings, use biogels.

Photos before and after Aptos threads: