Edema of the right testicle

Date of the message: 06/28/2012 02:58

Kind health to all! I see the same problem as all writers. swollen eggs.
I will say about the symptoms. The other day I swelled up my right testicle, I was surprised. And from what, I think it happened. And the pains were and swelled strongly. It took about a week and everything was stale, gone and ceased to hurt. Now came the turn of the left testicle. Swollen, but not worried, and the sexual act before this was not one. It sometimes appears, but not often. (With the left testicle) And I noticed that after physical exertion or after intercourse.
In any case, you need to see a doctor.
I wanted to ask a specialist if you need a spermogram and how soon to do it? But in general, terrible, is there something in this? Or infertility can be guaranteed to be?
Yours faithfully!

Date of the message: Monday, 28 June 2012 10:32

Hello, Alexander. You very correctly noticed that you need to see a doctor. At the reception the doctor will answer a question about the spermogram.
The swelling of the testicles can be for various reasons, and not everyone leads to infertility.

Date of the message: 30.06.2012 23:43

Hello! Umena 7 years ago the operation was performed on the lancets, it seems to be successful, except for the stinging before the vipiska, the seams were stale and I had to lay in a hospital for a month, then everything is fine! It was 2004, literally a week ago, I swelled up the left egg, and so seriously as a chicken or even more! The fact that I work for 15 hours a day on my feet and not sitting, swelling and now swollen Egg! Tell me what to do? Do I need an operation? And it was too late that there could be problems with the offspring at the time when I could make children. Thank you in advance. Stepan Kiev is 27 years old.

Date of the message: 09.08.2012 16:16

Good evening. I already understood urgently to the doctor